A Year of Voyages

And what a year this was…
I sometimes feel that I’ve lived at least 10 years in only 12 months.
I spent 2 of them travelling and searching for wows.
I spent the other 10 reaching for my limits, enjoying my luck, learning a lot, and discovering a new career path.
I met so many wonderful people during my travels and at home. I laughed and cried with them. I welcomed some of them back into my life [arms wide open] and I waived some others goodbye [though I know that they left their indelible mark on me forever]. I fought my fears. I lived and loved to the full. I settled the unsettled stories of my past. I cemented the relationships closest to my heart and pressed the brakes on the less-important ones. I grew and matured in so many ways. And I was so goofy-happy throughout! 
It was probably the best year of my life, so far.
I’m grateful.

Birthday wishes

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