Is it a castle? My favourites.

A castle is not just a castle. It could also be a fortress. Or a giant mud structure. Or even a rock-hewn city. [And I suspect this list’s going to welcome at least one or two new entries in the following 2 weeks – to be continued.]
Not intending to bore you with history stuff for now, here are the amazing structures and the feelings that stayed with me after exploring them.

1.         Urquhart Castle
Highlands, Scotland
Built: 13th to 16th century

The green of March, the quirky spring weather, the rainbow over Loch Ness, and Saint Andrew’s Cross flaunting in the wind.
Urquhart Castle, Scotland

2.         Trascăului Fortress
Colţeşti, Transylvania, Romania
Built: 1296

The intoxicating June heat, the constant buzzing of the insects, the luscious green surroundings.
Trascăului Fortress, Romania

3.         Ostrožac Castle
Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Built: 16th century

The astonishing view seemingly encompassing the whole of Bosnia, the high grass inviting you for a jump, the eerie and mysterious vibe. 
Ostrožac Castle, Bosnia and Herzegovina

4.         Uplistsikhe
Eastern Georgia
Built: 8th to 9th century

The sunset over Mtkvari River, the smoke rising from the village homesteads, and one of the most extraordinary and powerful feelings I’ve ever come across: this place has soul!
Uplistsikhe, Georgia

5.         Ardvreck Castle
NW Highlands, Scotland
Built: 1590

‘Would you have liked to live here?’ I was asked.
‘Of course!’ I instantly replied.
What could be more welcoming on a cold early autumn afternoon than staring at greyish Loch Assynt and listening to the murmur of the wind from inside this castle’s walls?
Ardvreck Castle, Scotland

6.         Corvin Castle
Hunedoara, Transylvania, Romania
Built: 1446

It is the typical fairy-tale castle, without the usual commercial aspects that come with this trait… and that includes the crowds.
Corvin Castle, Romania

7.         Enisala Fortress
Dobruja, Romania
Built: 12th to 14th century

The cool air of the early evening, mixed with the salty flavour of nearby Babadag and Razim lakes, and one incredible sunset.
Enisala Fortress, Romania

8.         Arg-é Bam
Bam, Kerman Province, Iran
Built: 6th to 4th century BC [but presumed to have existed earlier]

The awe before what men can create and before the endurance that proved the world wrong.
Arg-é Bam, Iran

9.         Rupea Fortress
Rupea, Transylvania, Romania
Built: 14th to 17th century

In my opinion, still the most dramatic fortress in Romania. And I believe that says it all.
Rupea Fortress, Romania

10.       Peleş Castle
Sinaia, Muntenia, Romania
Built: 1873 – 1914

The mix of modernity, royalness, and humbleness lingering in the air at every single visit. 
Peleş Castle, Romania

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