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I love clothes. I love colours. I love accessories, spending time to match them or simply mixing them up. I even do this during my trips, because I like to look my best at all times, colourful and radiant.
For the last 18 months or so, I have bought more adventure sports equipment than actual clothing and time has come to cater to my traveller’s needs and gear, too. I feel so lucky that destiny has taken care of this and that I actually won a Clever Travel Companion pink tee.
With no time for extreme adventures lately [haven’t gone kayaking in a month] or long-term travelling until the beginning of October, I decided to test the tee in my back yard, my own county of Braşov. I have to add that the testing conditions may have still been extreme, with one of the hottest summers that I can remember and that we’re experiencing.
The opportunity arose this weekend, as I travelled north from Braşov, some 75 km, into a beautiful and remote Transylvanian village [wilderness proof: this cute greyish rabbit!], for an important birthday. As I’m not a big fan of keeping a bag (be it small or big) on me at all times, the tee was perfect: I tucked my student card, my credit card, and my ID in one of the pockets, while the other pocket would be host to my smartphone for the next hours.
Hare in Daisoara, Transylvania, Romania
Despite leaving at sunset, it was still hot, but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t even feel the cold during the later hours of the party – it does tend to get cooler during the night –. All I felt was that soft, stretchy material on my skin. I was not surprised to see that after all those hours of wearing the tee and removing the items from my pockets, in the end, the material did not look at all puffy around the zipper area.
Rotbav Lake at sunset
Wearing the tee felt so comfortable and natural that I didn’t even realise that I had items on me, in those pockets. Two days ago, my only concern was that the tee was a bit long, but I then thought that it would be perfect in colder climates because I never wear anything to protect my back from freezing.
As all things evolve and change, but still revolve around core issues, my biggest concern at this moment is a fashion-related one. I need some more tees like this, in all the other colours provided, to be able to mix and match them successfully while touring the Globe. And possibly some underwear with pockets, to fully travel in style. 

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