My first itinerary

When travelling is no longer a hobby or an interest and when it becomes a part of you, all your plans start revolving around it.
There were times when I thought I could be a great travel show presenter, but I ruled that option out because travelling with a crew or going to places ‘dictated’ by someone else was not my piece of cake.
I did not rule however travel writing out. In my mind, it is the perfect conclusion to an intrepid trip – sharing my emotions, disappointments, recommendations – and it coincides with the ‘organised’ laid-back travel style of mine.
The beginning of 2013 made me so very happy, because one of my biggest dreams – becoming a published travel writer – came true so swiftly... that I still can’t believe it! It is the beginning of one of the greatest years in my life – I can feel it – and of an alternate career that I can’t wait to develop.
Braşov – Feel the Pulse of Transylvania in 3 Days’ is my first itinerary/guide. It is about a city that continues to amaze me and to reassure me of how lucky I am to be living here!   

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