Friends I’ve lost and gained along the way

Why do you become friends with a person? Well, mainly because you share principles, goals, and passions. If dealing with the passion for travelling, make sure that your travel style is similar; otherwise, it can get pretty ugly.
Been there, done that. Travelling with friends is a very delicate issue and it can cause ruptures even in the case of the strongest bonds of friendship. Culinary differences, religious ones, even exhaustion might lead to fights and tensions, which could ruin the journey you were so eager to take!
It happened to me, it happened so many times that I try to ‘test’ my friends first on day trips around Braşov and only afterwards venture on longer trips. In the end, how can there be a compromise, when one is adventurous and the other loves to sunbathe all day long?... I believe that I am compatible in terms of travels with only 10% of my closest friends. I also believe that it is better to avoid travelling with the remaining 90% and stick to the other passions that united us in the first place. This does not mean that I love them less than I love my friends I am compatible with travel-wise, it just means that I am willing to sacrifice not sharing with them the biggest passion of my life for the sake of holding on to a healthy relationship.
There is also the reverse of the medal. Can you find travel companions along the way? Doesn’t travelling to certain destinations (in my case, to less ‘commercial’ destinations) almost guarantee finding persons compatible with your travel style?... Can they get closer to your heart and become your friends?...
Rafting on Jökulsá Austari, Iceland
I’ve had an amazing 2012 in terms of very special and interesting people (and travellers) I met. I’m trying my best to keep in touch with them and I will always think of them fondly. It is funny how destiny strives to bring together people of similar orientations. 
The best thing about having met them is that it is so damn great to feel that there is another person who can understand your travel plans, wishes, and dreams… someone you can relate to!

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