The sculptural poetry of Brâncuşi

I always get my hopes and standards high and I get disappointed quite easily.
When travelling, this means that there are places or attractions that look worse than you’ve imagined them or seen them in pictures, some that match your mind’s image, and some that look and feel even better.
Brancusi's Table of Silence; Tg. Jiu, Romania
I have had my mind set on visiting Brâncuşi’s Sculptural Ensemble in Tg. Jiu for a long time. It was only possible a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous while stepping into the park to see the works of Romania’s greatest sculptor, whose art was compared in terms of proportions and mastery to the monuments of Old Egypt.
The coolness of the park and the overall green background allowed me to perceive the beautifully aligned Gate of Kiss [Poarta Sărutului] and Table of Silence [Masa Tăcerii] as contrasting to everything else in colour, lines, and simplicity. The fluster and force of the nature (with Jiu River flowing metres away from the Table of Silence) turn this frame into a majestic and solemn one, close to the image of a sanctuary in which all the sculptural elements – frugal if considered separately – conjoin to create a masterpiece.
Brancusi's Endless Column; Tg. Jiu, Romania
To the North of Târgu Jiu, in another park and still aligned to the other two, I discovered Brâncuşi’s masterpiece – the Endless Column [Coloana Infinită] –, in an ocean of green… undisturbed… protected by the purity of an incredible vibe. While the beads of the column [as Bâncuşi would call them] shine when hit by the rays of the sun, the onlooker’s confidence and inner peace are somehow reassured. It’s magic!
…and I left with a deeper sense of belonging to my people, with a humble pride that a country like mine could nurture such talent, and with a secret yet obvious wish to come back to it all one day.      

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