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Codlea Fortified Church, Romania
Stumbling upon this project, two weeks ago, was a great find: a choir in the beautiful Prejmer Fortified Church. Mmmm… That’s nice! How about several concerts in 7 other fortified churches in Ţara Bârsei? That’s even better!
Last Saturday was dedicated to the inauguration of the repaired Prause Organ (1783) at Codlea Fortified Church. Finally getting inside this 13th-century fortified church was a dream that seemed to take ages to materialise…  Well, it did when I found myself staring at the consolidated walls, decorated with the coats of arms of the villages nearby: Brenndorf, Weidenbach, Tartlau… and their names continued to scroll down my mind, like the credits of a movie.
Codlea Fortified Church, Romania
Shyly entering the main building of the church, hearing the concert, marvelling at the inviting tiles and chandelier and more at the mysterious yet resonant light at the back door, I was feeling restless yet at ease in an environment that probably felt closer to my soul than any other Transylvanian fortified church environment previously experienced. Exploring the back yard felt timeless, with the rough bits of the grass stinging my sandally feet. One lingering touch on the enormous wooden doors of the old walls and it felt like caressing time itself. The intense heat had passed and the sunset had come.
Prause Organ; Codlea Fortified Church, Romania
Here are the concerts that you can still attend during the month of August:
-          17.08.; 5:00pm Prejmer
-          23.08.; 4:00pm Braşov [St. Martin Church]
-          24.08.; 5:00pm Prejmer
-          30.08.; 6:00pm Râşnov
-          31.08.; 5:00pm Prejmer

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