MUST is overrated

You must NOT stay in a relationship in which you’re not given love anymore. Or affection. Or you’ve never been given these. Cheating and lying are only lame excuses for something that’s been over since who-knows-when. Are you sure you’re not together for the wrong reasons, that you’ve tricked yourself into believing you’re a good match [although you share no interests whatsoever]?
Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
You must NOT continue a friendship for the sake of what once was. People don’t change, but their lives and priorities do. When you’re no longer a priority, although it hurts and it’s tough, bags should be packed. And you should go. No looking back.
Komani Lake, Albania
You must NOT allow business partners treat you like s**t. Because once the line’s been crossed, it will be crossed again and again. Money is only a tool; if you go through a war of nerves while working with somebody, it’s not worth it. Close that door and a new one will open!
Bourscheid Castle, Luxembourg
You must NOT like a certain place or country just because everybody else does. You’re not ‘everybody else’. And you’ve surely had very different experiences to begin with.
Fort Kochi, India
You must NOT take on a new sport even though you thought it would work, you’ve paid money for the training, and there are A LOT of people hyping about it. We are all different. In the end, would you read a book that bored you? You get my point.
Mahabalipuram, India
You must NOT envy those you care about. These two feelings don’t mix. Clean your heart, know and love yourself. Only then will you be able to love another.
You must NOT linger in the past. Those who love you will prove it. The others are not worth your time. Let go!
You must NOT choose money over friends. We are talking about a unique relationship that you’ve invested a lot in and that you couldn’t find once again in the same form versus something that comes and goes, with coins and notes looking pretty much the same.  
You must NOT get married simply because everyone else does. I mean, it is only an option. As corny as it may sound, that paper won’t make your partner think about you more dearly, nor is it an ownership agreement. If it’s not meant to be, you will break up, ring or no ring.
You must NOT believe that your children are everything. People should be complex. Our lives should be complex. We, as persons, should be complex and characterised by many-many achievements. Your child is only one of those achievements.

Lessons learnt this year:
1) Never sit at the same table, live in the same house, or sleep in the same bed with a person you’ve got no chemistry with.
2) Don’t try any more physical courses out; they never worked for you and they never will!
3) Stay away from commercial places – you’ll wish you were home. Constantly.   

Still smiling and knowing for sure that the good times will follow; here are some quotes to keep you going and inspired.
To a glorious future! J


  1. Sudeepc@hotmail.com2 January 2017 at 20:54

    Nice read...! Most of us probably feel the same way about things but you've articulated it well...! Followed u from Trover all the way here ..:)! We seem to have visited the same places at different times though I was in Sri Lanka while u were there....krakow..Germany...Kumarakom..

  2. Thank you very much for writing! I am very glad you liked my article. :) While I was looking at your pictures on Trover, I was thinking the same thing: 'we did visit the same places'. And many of them I would revisit without blinking an eye. Have a wonderful year, full of travels and adventures that truly put a smile on your face!


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