Sofia weekend getaway

There are still so many old articles that I haven’t managed to publish! This time around, here are some ideas for a trip to Sofia, over the weekend.

I took it 3 years ago. Luckily, Bulgaria’s currently a destination that can be enjoyed (few restrictions). Moreover, I’ve checked and all the places recommended in this article are happy to welcome visitors/guests/travellers.

Downtown Sofia, Bulgaria


On friendship—

This getaway was actually a girls’ trip – meant as a birthday gift for one of my former best girlfriends. She does appear in the video, but I didn’t add any pictures with her to this piece.

I was one of the most fervent believers and supporters of friendship. 2020 and 2021 changed that in me. I am detached now and I’ve decided to put myself first during these mentally-challenging times.

Disappointments were so many over the past 18 months… that ‘We don’t talk anymore’ is a line that I often use. It is healthier and better this way: my old tower crumbled and crashed but I’m building a stronger one. ♥

Now, onto Sofia—

Downtown Sofia, Bulgaria


How we got there—

We took the bus from Bucharest (and back): EUR 11.90/pp.

Some breakfast treats before we go; Bucharest, Romania

Allow around 7h15’ for one leg of the journey.

I took the train from Braşov to Bucharest and my love kindly waited for me when I got back.


Where we stayed—

Rooms43: EUR 54/2 nights/en-suite double room

It wasn’t the most charming accommodation of our lives, but it was centrally located and we could easily walk both to our points of interest and the bus station.


Yum food—

ü      My favourite place to have lunch or dinner in Sofia is Made in Home. It welcomes meat lovers and vegetarians (myself); the dishes are very tasty and creative and I love its design. We visited in summer, so raspberry lemonades were the norm. P.S. The desserts are incredible!

Dinner at Made in Home; Sofia, Bulgaria

Dinner at Made in Home; Sofia, Bulgaria

ü      Dubbed at that time as ‘the best place to have breakfast in Sofia’, Furna was close to where we were staying, so we went there every morning. Delicious fresh juices, croissants, yoghurt/cereal mixes, and banitsas (the traditional Bulgarian pastries that I ended up loving!). Very kind staff, lovely outdoor seating.  

Breakfast at Furna; Sofia, Bulgaria


Go local—

/Yes, Ivan Vazov national theatre is worth seeing; so is Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral… but it was not my first visit to Sofia, so… I was curious to see more./

Ivan Vazon national theatre; Sofia, Bulgaria

I like to try and buy local products because local communities and not multinational companies should be supported.

      As far as I know, Nero is made in Bulgaria and it’s one of my favourite ice creams. I never leave Bulgaria without having at least one. During this getaway, I had one every day!

Having Nero ice cream in Sofia, Bulgaria

ü     Along ulitsa Angel Kanchev, there are many art galleries and stores of Bulgarian artists and artisans. My favourite was Galeria Nina, where I fell in love with the handmade jewellery by Tina and Rossika. I also bought a small and colourful painting for my love, waiting for me at home.

Galeria Nina; Sofia, Bulgaria

ü     Swimming Pool is a beautiful art space located on the rooftop of a building in downtown Sofia, with an empty pool; one pays depending on the event. The views over the capital are wonderful!

View from Swimming Pool; Sofia, Bulgaria



We wanted to get away from the getaway to Lake Pancharevo, to spend time in nature. The guys at Furna actually called a cab for us (otherwise we used the TaxiMe app) and we befriended an Italian guy who shared the ride with us (it was 15 lv.).

What to do around the lake?

The Bulgarian Paddling Base sits here, the paddlers are very nice, so I ‘trained’ with them that morning, that’s what I like to say. 1 hour in a kayak: 10 lv.

Kayaking @Lake Pancharevo, Bulgaria

Kayaking @Lake Pancharevo, Bulgaria

If it’s very hot, you can grab a bite or some cold lemonade at a restaurant around the lake.

A walk around the lake is also relaxing; we certainly loved it.


And we loved our adventure!

Travelling was one of our worldly wonders. Let’s bring it back! ☼


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