Why you should have a bucket list

 As you begin to read this article, you will probably start to wonder... Does she have a bucket list of her own? Well, I don’t. I have a list of 100 wishes. Most of them are travel and action sports-related. From time to time, I like going through them. Between a craving to reach Antarctica someday and the urge to raft down Congo River in the DRC, I discover and rediscover myself and my biggest wishes and continue to keep them alive and this list growing.

I let adventure guide me even through these crazy two years and I believe all people who know themselves and their priorities kept their adventures on. Good energy continued to flow. ♥

What about you? Why should a bucket list work for you?


It will keep you going.

Have you lost the sparkle in your eyes? Do you feel disoriented? Nothing pleases you anymore?

Believing that you have something worth fighting for when everything around you seems to be crumbling is the best remedy to your condition. Clouds will be scattered, swords will be sharpened, backpacks and travel guides will be dusted off.

Dolphins in the Persian Gulf, near Hengam Island; Iran (May 2019)


It will help you get closer to your dreams.

I believe in the law of attraction.

Do you? Even if you don’t, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, eyes wide open. Or in putting your hopes out there. Expressing what you wish to do or listing the places that you would love to reach makes your dreams real, triggering your mind to fight for them. 

Good vibes attract good deeds; Albanian Riviera (May 2021)

It will build up and reinforce your self-confidence.

This will happen each time you complete one of your dreams.

Imagine how thrilled you will feel when one of your bucket list items gets checked. Nevertheless, you will feel like you can trust yourself to deliver results, cater to your needs, manage independently. Go on working hard; that self-confidence will bloom and grow. Endlessly.  

Cycling 80km in the south of Sweden (June 2019)


It will encourage you to test your limits.

You’ve just managed to travel to a tricky destination and enjoyed it. You’re ready for an even trickier one!

In my view, the most important aspects of our lives are our experiences. They are the ones to shape and mould us, put us down and pull us back up. Probably higher than we’ve ever been. If an experience that you’ve dreamed about your entire life leads to a more fulfilling one, this is the ultimate beauty of our life maze! 

Discovering the lush Colombian countryside


Let your thoughts settle after each experience that you tick off your list. There will be those that will leave you disappointed, there will be those that will leave you in love, and there will be those that will change your life.

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