3 traditional desserts I would never refuse

One of the 3 chefs competing for the title of Extreme Chef in the latest episode of the show stated that ‘It takes some time to get a dessert from simple to sublime’. Sublime is the word when we are dealing with the following desserts that you can taste in Romania (the last two mainly in Transylvania)!

1. Papanaşi
What exactly is this dessert? Fried dumplings with sour cream and jam
What do I love about it? Well, it is an extraordinary dessert, you can combine it with many types of delicious Romanian homemade jams and it lights up my day whenever I taste it.
Best place to try it: ‘Robinson’ Hotel in Predeal, 10, Muncii Street – the best and largest Papanaşi of my life!  
Suggestion: My favourite jam for Papanaşi is sour cherry jam. Remember also that the more sour cream, the better! Just imagine soaking your piece of dough in the fresh sour cream combined with the caramelised jam... Mmmm...
Papanasi; Predeal, Romania

2. Gomboţi
What exactly is this dessert? Plum dumplings: juicy Romanian plums in a potato dough
What do I love about it? It is one of my all-time favourite desserts, as it reminds me of my childhood. My Grandma used to cook Gomboţi every year in late August and the aroma of this dessert would fill my mouth back then as it does now.
Best place to try it: ‘Laci csárda’ Restaurant in Târgu Mureş, 27, Morii Street – one of the best restaurants of my (culinary) life!
Suggestion: My Mom serves Gomboţi with brown sugar mixed with cinnamon; the combination of flavours is amazing!    
Gomboti; Targu Mures, Romania

3. Somlói galuska
What exactly is this dessert? Layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge cake with vanilla custard, raisins, walnuts, chocolate sauce, and rum
What do I love about it? It can be served as such, topped with whipped cream or with different ice cream flavours.
Best place to try it: ‘Aria’ Sweetshop in Sfântu Gheorghe, 41, 1 Decembrie 1918 Street – my favourite ice cream parlour in the whole world!
Suggestion: Head to ‘Aria’, pick 3 ice cream flavours, add two cups of Somlói galuska, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, nuts, and whipped cream! You will never forget the looks and taste of your customised dessert!
Somlói galuska and ice cream; Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
I am truly crazy about sweets and these three desserts are to die for... I am so lucky to have been born in Romania, because I had the opportunity to experience a tradition in desserts that combines international influences with a unique and appetite-whetting result that shouldn’t be missed by anyone travelling to my country!

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