Tourism Fairs: For or Against?

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: I’ve got a bone to pick with mass tourism because it turns experiences that could be special and intrepid on their own into some corny events.
However, I would recommend a visit to a tourism fair to all of you. Why? Well, mainly because there are other ‘secrets’ on offer besides those 7-day packages in luxury resorts. There are people representing certain regions of specific countries and you can never go wrong with local-oriented tourism! Last week, I visited Transylvania Tourism Fair and this is what I didn’t know but found out there:

Transfagarasan, Romana
a)      Transfăgărăşan Highway (a.k.a. ‘the best road in the world’) will soon be accessible year-round and illuminated – just think about those views in winter if the ones in summer leave you short of breath;
b)     There is a thriving wine region near Satu Mare; the wineries there organise tastings and tours upon prior booking – I had no idea about this wine region and they even have Syrah grapes;
c)      There are many theme tours organised/proposed around Romania and a very unique one is the tour of traditional Székely gates – well, that’s original with a twist;
d)     I have a kayak course coming up at the end of May in Nehoiu Mountains and this area around Buzăului Mountains has been scarcely promoted – it seems though that the region (Ţara Buzaielor) is catching up as it had the best presentation brochures at this tourism fair, with intriguing trekking routes and attractions.
I really felt that I left the fair with much more useful information on my hands. And I’ve passed it on to you!  

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