Our bellowing of the stags in numbers

1:         weekend, the last one of August

2:         cars, a gas station in Braşov as their meeting point

3:         hours spent in the park &
            deer friends welcoming and bidding us farewell

4:      meals served altogether – 1 breakfast @Villa Honor, 2 lunches @Pethő Étterem & @Pensiunea Cetate Bálványos, 1 dinner @Villa Honor

5:         people in the car taking a wrong turn -> Zetea Dam

6:         o’clock – our start time for exploring Ivo Wildlife Park           

7:         EUR – the regular price/pp for visiting Ivo Wildlife Park

8:         the recommended wake-up time for myself

9:         glasses of rosé lying on the terrace table

10:       friends in
            beds having
            homemade chocolates cooked with love

more than
a dozen          animals spotted

numerous      beers drunk (1+1+1+1+…+n)


N.B. Although the place is as amazing in location, design, and cleanliness as I remembered, I felt a bit of corner-cutting at Villa Honor, especially in relation to the food and to the portions served. Hope it goes back to the way that it was in the beginning
Ivo Wildlife Park; Izvoare, Romania

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