Are we travellers?

Motto: ‘Could it be that the problem isn't them, but horror of horrors, is it us?’ [SATC]

My recent journey through Jordan and Israel made a lot of questions related to travelling rise and grow inside my head. This was also caused by the greatest density of dubious people I’ve ever come across on the road.
  • Are we travellers when we mock other people for their travel choices, scare them off certain destinations, and treat them with arrogance and disdain? Example provided by three Japanese ‘travellers’ met in Wadi Rum; one of them had been to 99 countries. [Din păcate, nu o rămas cu nimic din toate locurile în care o fost.]
    Camel ride in Wadi Rum, Jordan
  • Are we travellers when all we can think of is disrespecting the culture of the country that we are travelling through or are about to enter? Example provided by several ‘travellers’ at Wadi Araba border crossing [Şi cred că nu voi înţelege în veci ce treabă au consumul mare de alcool, vocabularul colorat şi hainele rupte şi murdare cu ideea de călător…]
    Marrakesh Medina, Morocco
  • Are we travellers if we indulge in extensively commercial activities, into which we put no efforts, and end up enjoying them? Example provided by a great number of people around me, who stubbornly stick to the paved path [Chiar dacă am presupune că avem cu toţii capacitatea de a înota, ne putem oare numi peşti?]
    Petra in Petra, Jordan
  • Are we travellers if we are not 100% of the time on the road? Example provided by a great bunch of people brainstorming and philosophising one evening in Wadi Rum (still) [Cred că aş muri efectiv să nu am baza mea, la care să mă întorc, duduind a fiinţele, lucrurile, activităţile şi senzaţiile pe care le iubesc.]
    Wadi Rum, Jordan
  • Are we travellers if we react in a very mean manner to an innocent question asked by someone who is less knowledgeable than us on a certain region of the Globe? See the example here [Pentru mine, un călător adevărat este un om, în primul rând, bun, apoi deschis la minte şi la inimă.]          
    Banja Luka, BiH, Wildwater Canoeing World Cup 2013
You be the judge!   

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