[Only] a few hours in Amsterdam & Paris

What to do? What to do? J

I take advantage of all my stopovers. So, when the opportunity to see Amsterdam for the second time arose, en route to Panama and at no extra costs, I didn’t say ‘No’. On the contrary. Especially under a sweet and playful sun.
Only a short walk from Amsterdam Centraal were the canals
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
and the flowers
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
and the pancakes!
Pancakes for breakfast in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dubbed one of the best places in the Dutch capital to have a hearty breakfast, ‘The Pancake Bakery’ is so famous that it was even featured on TV shows! And it was full. But we didn’t mind waiting.
And I should tell you that it was worth it!

Our return flight from Panama City left us highly tired and jet-lagged. And Paris was hot! Still, we chose Montmartre as our base and I must admit, on my third visit to my teenage years’ favourite city, that I had disregarded the area… and I don’t really know the reasons for that. If, at first, stepping outside Gare du Nord seemed to have me face a Paris that I remembered, in only a few minutes I felt it turn into a clogged space with too many stores adorning merchandise of questionable quality.
Un petit dodo later, we went out to meet our friends Andreea and Alex on a peaceful yet trendy street, having the kind personnel at 'La Taverne de Zhao' as our hosts for the next two hours or so. Some interesting desserts they have there, by the way.
Dinner with friends in Paris, France
A walk along Canal Saint-Martin ended a very beautiful and cheerful evening.
Sadly, heavy rain cut all our exploring plans for the following morning short. 
Rainy Montmartre; Paris, France
We had to settle for croissants and didn’t have the chance to roam the streets more. As I told Marcel, we will be back.
Breakfast in Paris, France

All we need is another opportunity.  

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