The real pandemic of our times

The symptoms are there. So are the excuses for a certain person’s behaviour. Even yours.

Getting into this whole virus talk [I don't even want to write down its name, in spite of the fact that it would potentially bring some traffic] is not my thing.
I'll just say that the way in which I believe that it was created and then strategically planted brings me back to the title of this post. /Does a virus really exist? I doubt it. update, 17.03.2022/
What should we fear most these days?
And everything that it entails, even though people thinking more about themselves than others don't love themselves. In fact, here is the problem.

It's a contradiction in terms ranging from those 'influencers' seeking nothing else than easy validation through likes and views and comments to millions of other people.
[Yes, I admit to having my days of sharing pictures with my friends and followers, but it's healthy. I know who I am.]

It's not caring anymore for anybody/anything else but yourself. That's why garbage gathers in the street, that's why forests are cut, that's why we pollute waters. We are self-destroying - I say 'we' because people doing it are too selfish to support those recycling plastic or paper, using water bottles, or protecting animals. And they can even start a fight if told that they are not acting the right way.
Hortensias in Gramado, Brazil

It's continuing to support the bad practices in the world - 'leaders' who are similar to you, not caring a bit for the nation that voted for them, but only for their dreams of power, domination, and money... 'stars' boasting their luxurious lifestyles, but disrespecting everything and everyone that/who doesn't rise up to their 'standards'... regular people who want to seem helpful and empathetic, but are only doing it for their own good.

It's refusing to acknowledge that there are problems around you and inside of you and doing nothing to change the situation.

[I can tell you for sure that travelling to places where you are bullied in the street, taking advantage of, or simply ignored is no pleasure at all. It’s disheartening to see entire nations –with only a few individuals as exceptions- whose people have renounced trusting each other simply because they felt that it was easier than fighting the menace of violent crime every single day. Or nations that are stuck in the past, with a hidden hate for the descendants of those who had harmed them sometime in history.
I post a lot on Facebook and there are many people who don’t understand my posts because they lost the connection to themselves. I immediately sense when comments are not from the heart but for ego purposes.]

I still believe that empathy can be our last chance to save the world, that kindness can change the world.
Graffiti in Montevideo, Uruguay

What should we do?
Put others first. Change your pace, hold the door for the woman behind you, say that you're sorry when you've made a mistake, leave some flour on the shelf for other shoppers. J All will be settled with a smile.
Protect the stray dog next to your block of flats, the tree struggling to live, the sea that makes you happy every time you see it.
Sealions off the coast of Patagonia, Argentina
Feel. With all your heart. The good. The bad. Pain may sometimes be enormous, but you will get through. Remember that it's better to be heartbroken than feel nothing at all.
Face your demons. Admit that there is something wrong with you and seek therapy. Read a lot about your condition and understand what led to it. Acknowledgement is the first step in protecting those around you. There may not be a cure, but if you put on a fight, you will surely be supported by those who love you.

Always remember that people who claim to be good aren't necessarily so.
Those who are will show you.


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