Unforgettable drinks of our 2020 South American trip

Ha! I never wrote a blog post on drinks – I thought about it, though…
I don’t drink that much anymore. Plus, ‘drinks’ don’t always refer to something that involves alcohol.
Well, virgin or not, the tastiest moments served in a glass during our January 2020 through South America were—

Pineapple juices
From Florianópolis to Guarulhos (we focused on southern Brazil this time around), pineapple juice was a delight – and I have no idea why I didn’t drink this wonder at all on my first visit to Brazil.
It is addictive.
I like guava juice, too, and passion fruit, and…
My first pineapple juice in Brazil, Campeche

Fresh coconut water
I only had it once, this time around, when returning from Praia do Mole, by foot and in the rain.
To this day, after tasting fresh coconut on several continents, the one in Brazil is still my favourite. And the sweetest.
Traffic jams, rain, and coconut water; Florianópolis, Brazil

Grape juice
Who knew that in a corner of Brazil there are so many flavours of Italy? Around Bento Gonçalves, pasta and wine rule.
Plus, the grape juice is exquisite.
Grape juice; Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Passion fruit smoothie
I had the best passion fruit smoothie of my life at Alvarez, in Montevideo’s Ciudad Vieja. It was a hot day, I was tired, and this was by far what I actually craved.
I went back for a second one.
THE Passion fruit smoothie; Montevideo, Uruguay

My first mate ever was made by our dear friend Nuria. My second mate would be again made by her, 9 years later. I loved them!
The taste is special. ♥
She made sure I wouldn’t have to wait for such a long time and be able to make my own, so ta-dah… I now have my own bombilla.
Morning mate; Juella, Argentina

Melon smoothie
Our dear friend Telemaco prepared some wonderful melon smoothies while we were visiting. Sadly, I didn’t take a picture… but the taste lingered…
…and see what he served them with!
Appetizers in San Miguel, Argentina

Orange juice
During the first visit to a supermarket in northern Argentina (we were in Salta at that time), I realised that oranges from this part of the country are famous.
So, later on, as Marcel and I found ourselves in a café – La Verbena that was oozing summer, we ordered some orange juice… and ‘wow’ was on our lips…
Lunchtime: orange juice in Salta, Argentina

One of the greatest wines I've tried. So, if you're into new flavours, Torrontés is a white wine grape variety that won't disappoint you.
If around Cafayate, have a glass!
Torrontés; Cafayate, Argentina

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Argentinean lemons and limes. We did order lemonade every chance we’d get.
This was actually served over lunch in Tilcara – a town in the Province of Jujuy, also in the north of Argentina.
Lemonade in Tilcara, Argentina

Raspberry smoothie
Our first discovery in Chile, after an epic day on the road, crossing borders? Raspberry smoothie!
We had many, they were delicious. I believe we’re going to start making them at home, too. We are still wondering why we’ve never done that.
Tres leches + raspberry smoothie in Futaleufú, Chile

At times, when it’s hot and you’ve been riding your bicycle for more than an hour and a half, there’s nothing better than water from a spring you find on your way.
It happened to me around Futaleufú, Chile. I was super-thirsty. Marcel was, too. J
Mountain Bike route near a spring in Futaleufú Natural Reserve, Chile

Passion fruit craft beer
After a long day running errands around Puerto Madryn and an even longer night spent on the bus, Marcel treated me to craft beer at Whales House.
I chose passion fruit flavour and… I chose well.
Passion fruit craft beer in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Marcel and I agreed: we couldn’t leave Brazil without having caipirinhas, so we went to a place that made some mean ones. :P We loved Macaxeira.
Mine – with fresh cashew.
Cashew caipirinha in Guarulhos, Brazil
His – with passion fruit and strawberries.
Passion fruit and strawberry caipirinha in Guarulhos, Brazil

Special mention: In Buenos Aires, I had some dulce de leche liqueur. It’s sort of similar to whisky cream, but sweeter. We didn’t have time to go back to La Casa del Dulce de Leche and buy some for home, but, hey, we plan on returning to Argentina. Definitely.   

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