In and around Korçë – memories of late spring

When we arrived in Korçë, Marcel and I asked ourselves ‘Are we really in Albania?’.

There’s a different ‘feel’ in the streets, the architecture is different, the weather is cooler, even the people are colder and a bit more reserved… but after interacting for a few minutes, they warm up to you. J


What made us choose Korçë?

We wanted to see Prespa National Park – bodies of water shared by three countries (Albania – North Macedonia – Greece). And we did! We started with Small Prespa (the road from Tren is good and scenic), on which access by kayak is difficult. We saw no birds but we did see many villagers and fishermen.

Small Prespa, Albania

As we continued towards Rakickë on the same scenic road, we realised that it was our end-point because continuing towards Lake Prespa was close to impossible from there. So, we returned, took the main road to Leska and then parked the car in Zaroshkë. We descended towards the water to see if we could launch the kayaks from somewhere. The air was cool but pleasant; I felt the scents of grass – it was high and the wind made it caress my legs. People were working in their fields. A lady started talking to us but we couldn’t understand each other. Smiles and eyes say a lot, however. There was a way through for our kayaks… but there was no need anymore because we could see the beautiful pelicans clearly. /the white dots seen from the road were indeed my beloved birds!/

By Lake Prespa, Albania
By Lake Prespa, Albania

Pelicans at Lake Prespa, Albania

The last wish of my trip through Albania had come true! ♥

Even poppies were still in season here! I watched their red petals flicker in the breeze while locals passed by, taking their animals back home.  

Poppies near Lake Prespa, Albania

Village life near Lake Prespa, Albania


Where did we stay?

We stayed at Amelia’s Home and Brikena was kind to us, brought us fresh traditional pastries every day and took us on a stroll around Korçë.

Breakfast in Korca, Albania, on the terrace


Which was our favourite restaurant?

We enjoyed our meals at FindFour so much! It was one of the best restaurants that we found throughout Albania. J The portions are big and tasty and their pizzas stayed on my mind.

Late lunch in Korca, Albania


Highlights of our time in Korçë?

   A Friday evening spent around the Old Bazaar. There were hundreds of happy people. No masks. No fear. Some were eating, others were listening to concerts. I had not witnessed such scenes in too many months! /I started crying because I knew that the following day would mean leaving Albania. I didn’t want to. It had been such an incredible trip, one of the trips that I loved most in my entire life!/

   Visiting the Romanian House, built in 1928, and housing ‘Gjon Mili’ Photography Museum. The guide was a bit arrogant and it was the only place in Albania where we were required to wear masks. The beautiful pictures and Gjon Mili’s interesting techniques compensated for all minuses and made me more curious about the life and work of the worldwide-renowned photographer born in Korçë. 

The Romanian House in Korca, Albania


As we left towards the Macedonian border, we passed by Lake Prespa another time. It was gloomy, this time. As if the sun knew, too, that we were sad to leave. I said ‘Faleminderit’ and it filled my heart.

Leaving Albania

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