Today’s rain

I’ve tasted rain again earlier today

Last time it felt sweet,

While today… it was bitter.


Bitter – because it didn’t flow down my body

The way it used to 

Bitter – because it didn’t wet my lips

As they were no longer perfect.


It could have been salty

But the tears in my eyes  

Didn’t fall and never will.


What I felt and what I feel

Is real, pure, and true  

And no one can convince me

Of the opposite.


Everything will change – I wish that

And maybe today’s rain

Will no longer fall tomorrow.


I simply can’t abandon spring

And embrace bleak fall

Because I know either way 

That fall will no longer be part of my life.


Today’s rain may not be fertile enough

And it may lead to a cold

But I won’t regret it.

Or maybe I don’t understand it.


At last, the wind has driven the mist away from my soul

And the sun appeared in the clear sky


Other rains will come and I will taste those, too,

And catch a cold again

But I will continue not regretting that…

And the rainbow will come out, brighter than ever before.



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