Dreamy Vis

 The winds were strong and the temperature had dropped about 10°C. Was autumn coming?

‘The fast boat isn’t working today because of the high waves, but there is the ferry’ told us the lady at the Jadrolinija ticket office.

‘Could we get stuck on the island?’

It was the thought of the day. As we drove the streets of Split, we kept wondering what to do. Quite close to the ferry, we found a parking lot that charged by the hour. Getting a decent price (HRK 100 for 2 days) is what encouraged us to start our sea adventure. Marcel was very hopeful.


Streets of Komiža

I loved Komiža from the first time we set foot in it after the ferry (HRK 45/pp.) and the bus ride (HRK 20/pp.) from Vis. Many corners and buildings reminded us of Mamma Mia 2… and even if it seems corny, it feels nice just walking around a place that you’ve already seen in a movie that you liked a lot (the same goes for the beaches that we saw the next day).

We stayed at Apartments Villa Anka (HRK 750, 2 nights) and we loved this place because it is so nicely located and its view is… (here it is, what do you think?).

View from our accommodation in Komiza, Vis Island, Croatia

There is a small market 2 minutes away by foot where we could buy vegetables and fresh figs (we like to support local businesses wherever we go) and then there is also a bakery selling tasty bread and pastries. We ended up having quite a breakfast!

Breakfast in Komiza, Vis Island, Croatia

Marcel and I felt relaxed. It couldn’t have been any other way when the islanders were relaxed, too, and that ‘dolce far niente’ from neighbouring Italy lingered in the air.


Beaches reached by scooter

We decided to rent a scooter for 6 hours (HRK 280; you need a licence for a higher-capacity scooter, our case). It took us places and the feeling was great (the last time we rode a scooter was in India).    

Our first stop was Stiniva Beach. It did say on the sign that descending to the beach was at one’s risk. The rocks were tricky (and it was easier to climb, especially with my water shoes on – they have a good grip!), but it was worth it. Not only is the beach beautiful, but it is also a nice spot to snorkel! The visibility is good and it was not crowded at all when we visited.  

Getting to Stiniva Beach, Vis Island, Croatia

Snorkelling by Stiniva Beach, Vis Island, Croatia

Will I climb that? Back from Stiniva Beach, Vis Island, Croatia

By the time we left to see Srebrna Beach, it had started to rain. More impressive than the beach, in my opinion, is the pine forest guiding visitors to the water (we did meet a couple walking a very cute dog!).

Srebrna Beach, Vis Island, Croatia

When we left, however, it started raining harder and we did have some issues with the brakes and the tyres (which were worn, so be careful when renting any scooter, bike, or bicycle!). We nearly fell twice and… 5 minutes away from Komiža, the road was steep and wet and we slipped. We were in the middle of the road. Marcel had a crack in his jacket and some fresh wounds. I only had one wound and had destroyed my leggings. We were lucky to find a first aid kit at our accommodation (we realised that every single place in Croatia where we stayed had one) and eventually the wounds healed.   

Riding the scooter on Vis Island, Croatia


Time in Vis

On the last day, it rained (put lightly). Our host actually allowed us to stay in well after the check-out time (sweet of her!). However, we wanted to see Vis, too, so we took the bus and then walked… a lot, admiring the old doors (many green!) and windows. 

Time in Vis, Vis Island, Croatia

It didn’t rain and I didn’t find Vis as charming as Komiža, but we did like it and it all ended with some delicious Crempita by the harbour (the same as featured in Mamma Mia 2).

Crempita in Vis, Croatia

We had cute and artistic company on the ferry (while returning to Split). Turns out we made a friend.


Things lefts to do:

definitely kayak to the Blue Grotto and see Barjoska Beach… and take much more time to relax, enjoy, and understand Vis, as a whole.


I keep thinking of what my dear friend living in Croatia told me – ‘Vis is a dream’. It became my favourite spot from what I’ve explored so far around the Adriatic country. And it’s a name that I won’t easily forget. ‘Vis’ does mean ‘Dream’ in my native Romanian. J

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