Krka National Park & Šibenik in one day

 Let’s talk about the park first!


When did we go?

At the beginning of October 2021, on a beautiful Indian summer day.

Pros? The ticket price was lower (HRK 100; still high – in my opinion, for a nature reserve; they should all be free!), there were still many people visiting but I imagine a lot fewer than during peak season, and the temperature was ideal. /You can check the new rates here; translator's note, 21.06.2023/

Krka National Park, Croatia


How did we get there?

We rented a car, so we drove there from Tisno. After some debate, we chose Lozovac entrance.

Version? From what I understood, bicycles can only be rented from Skradin entrance… and that was our main question mark.

Krka National Park, Croatia (on the way to Skradinski Buk)


Where did we go?

By taking the small path to the left of Lozovac entrance, we eventually reached the trail to Skradinski Buk. None are difficult.

One more thing: Before taking the trail to the waterfall, there is the possibility to take a boat to Krka Monastery. Sadly, it would be charged separately (HRK 100, at that time) and there was a very rude man who acted as though the park was his: ‘Of course, you can’t reach the monastery otherwise!’… D’oh! …so we didn’t go.

Krka National Park, Croatia (on the trail)


Thoughts and suggestions:

  • I wanted to reach this park so much… it is beautiful, especially because there is water everywhere and turquoise is the norm, but it is very commercial and you can’t really explore the park, just stick to the trail (which I found very annoying).
  • It saddened me to see people from many parts of Europe – many on organised tours – not even enjoying one second of the time spent in nature, grumpy and not smiling… but eager to have their selfies taken without any respect whatsoever for those waiting to do the same thing… and I thought to myself ‘Is this where consumerism and narcissism got us?’… The energy of the park can thus be weird at times – thankfully, there is the water to take the bad vibes away.
  • One of the best views is from the bridge that passes by the waterfall /sadly, swimming was no longer allowed/; you can take a moment to just pause, breathe in and breathe out.
  • Take a sandwich, snacks, and water with you – the prices for food and drinks inside the park are colossal.
  • The trail is circular, but you can take a bus back to the Lozovac entrance from the beginning of the trail /the walk through the woods until you reach the actual trail is not at all spectacular/.
    Krka National Park, Croatia (October day)
    Skradinski Buk, Krka National Park, Croatia


I needed some peace after the tumult (bizarre that I am writing this!) of the park, so we drove to Šibenik. I had seen it in pictures, but it is more stunning in real life. J

We chose to have a late lunch in the new town and we chose well because

a) Restaurant Concreto served us very good food at decent prices;

b) we could park the car there for free (parking is tricky in the Old Town of Šibenik);

c) Banj Beach is 10 metres away (so we had a dip with a take-my-breath-away view of the Old Town).

Šibenik as seen from Banj Beach, Croatia


And then we walked, passing by beautiful boats and good-humoured fishermen, cosy restaurants by the sea… We got lost in the Old Town, chased cats (and missed our Peticel 🐾), ate gelato, and forgot about everything.

Šibenik Old Town, Croatia

Aaah, and I bought myself some cute pairs of Borovo shoes – my dear friend Paula got me crazy over them. ♥


When it was time to leave, we didn’t quite want to. We wanted to encapsulate that dim light that made the old walls feel alive, we wanted to pin summer deep inside our hearts and never let it get away.     

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