Cyprus in my 5 favourite beaches

This September, I was lucky enough to understand Cyprus better and in its entirety, on my second trip there.

Mediterranean island life got a hold on us, so we never spent a day away from water. Many of my most beautiful experiences in Cyprus were linked to beaches and I’d like to share them with you.


5. Alagadi Turtle Beach

A bit overrated but still beautiful. 

Tip: As many people head there, especially from Girne, park your car on the side of the road as you descend to the beach and continue by foot. Some grippy water shoes would be nice.

Alagadi Turtle Beach, Cyprus


4. Karpaz Kaplumbağa Plajı

There are two options: the beach and the rocks.

Turtle conservation is underway on this glorious beach, so access to it after sunset is no longer allowed.

Tip: Head there in the morning or early afternoon, as the chances to spot the turtles are better.

Karpaz Kaplumbağa Plajı, Cyprus


3. Governor’s Beach

White rocks as far as the eye can see, against the blue sea. And my (first) wild swimming spot for September 2022. And we fed a cute cat.

Tip: Wear grippy footwear as you go down from the parking lot to the beach.

Sunsets witnessed here will be remembered – and sea kayaking would be a nice touch.

Governor's Beach, Cyprus


2. Konnos

Situated between Ayia Napa and Protaras, there’s a long way down to this beach – and it’s winding. Many people visit it but not that many know about the wonderful world under the sea.

Tip: You won’t have to venture too far to see the turtles and swim with them. Just be patient and polite; they’ll come to you.

Konnos, Cyprus


1. Kucuk Erenkoy

Unspoilt, incredibly clean beach and sea, only a few people around.

I spotted the first sea turtle of my life while returning from a swim/snorkelling session near the rocks to the left, as you look at the beach.

Tip: Just lose yourself here, forget about your worries, and enjoy it.

Kucuk Erenkoy, Cyprus



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