The rhythm of São Vicente

Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde as seen from the ferry

The title should read ‘The rhythm of Mindelo’. The cultural capital of Cabo Verde welcomed us for two brief stays. There is something about this place… and yes, Cesária Évora seems ever-watchful!

We were told that the carnival organised here is one of the greatest in the world.


Good eats

My favourite bakery was Pastelaria Morabeza. Having a sweet bite there is such a Mindelo thing to do, in my view! So is waking up to pasteis, which seemed even better than some I had in Portugal.

Pasteis, Pastelaria Morabeza; Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde

For a classy night out, I’d choose Casa Café Mindelo again! It tends to get crowded, so head there early. P.S. The coconut pudding was one of the best desserts on this trip.  

Coconut pudding, Casa Cafe Mindelo; Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde


To do

Our activities, as explained in the introduction, were centred around Mindelo. We wanted to do so much more… so we hope there is a next time to explore!

Swimming: Laginha Beach is tranquil and clean. There are lovely views and the currents are not that strong.

Laginha Beach; Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde

Walking: The city is best discovered on foot. Walk confidently and be relaxed, as if you always know where you are going.

Drinking orange juice: Of the five islands visited by us around the Cabo Verde archipelago, we agreed that the best orange juices that we had were in Mindelo.

Chasing rooftop views: Mindelo has its unmistakable charm. You can get a mix of sea and old town views, but you have to reach high. J

Last night in Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde


Know before you go

Taking the plane to São Vicente

I don’t know what it is with buying plane tickets to and around Cabo Verde, but it is difficult (I’ve even paid for airfare but no tickets were issued; I then had to call the back office in the Azores to get my money back).

The company’s name is bestfly and it’s Angolan. In the end, things got settled – like everything in Cabo Verde – and they did fly us from Santiago to São Vicente (for EUR 60 each). I must say that the landing was tricky but very spectacular.


Returning by ferry to São Vicente

The ferry ride to Santo Antão and back may be short (about 45 minutes, at a good price of CVE 800/pp./leg), but it is a feast for the eyes!

Farol de D. Luis; Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde


Using taxis

The taxi from/to the airport in São Pedro to/from downtown Mindelo was arranged for us and cost CVE 1200.


The dangers of Mindelo

Nothing happened to us during our two times in Mindelo. Only once, a guy in the street got too close and made a ’let me scare you’ gesture.

We walked during the day and night, using both larger streets and narrower ones. I’ll not lie… there’s a bizarre energy lurking. All people visiting should be careful (there are stories about robberies, yes!). Mindelo seemed more dangerous to me than Praia (and I only saw a bit of Praia at night).

On the other hand, incident-free trips are common. Trust in your reality and lucky star!    


I said goodbye to Cabo Verde and Mindelo on my birthday, with a cake from a kind gentleman in my hand and tears in my eyes. The islands, the people, the food, the ocean – they will always stay in my heart! ♥

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