Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Of all the places I've seen, one of the brightest memories is bound to Mostar. 

From the moment we first met, on a starry July night, and until we met again, with its cobblestone alleys now turned crowded, it suffered change, but remained the same. 

I felt it in the touches of silk, in the taste of homemade jam, in the out-of-this-world colour of Neretva, in the smell of the whitish stone, and in the rare sighs of the wind, which shares a beautiful story to the world. A story about a city and a bridge, about people who are kind, and about joyful times spent there. 

Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Times that can never be forgotten.


/First published in July 2016 on the website of Tour Guide Mostar, which ceased to exist;

not included in social media posts and the weekly newsletter/


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