Back to the islands: Provincia di Oristano and a January surprise in 3 steps

 I like love seeing the sea in winter (or, at least, off-season). My romance with Sardinia started in February 2015. I was very happy that Marcel would also get his taste of the island.


8 years back, Provincia di Oristano was the part of Sardinia where it felt warmest.

This time around, it started pretty well in beautifully-coloured Bosa. We managed to grab a bite at Paninoteca Da Jolly, one of the few places open around the village. The Castle of Serravalle was closed (that road to the right does not lead to a secret entrance; it is a private one – tried and tested!), but the walk up there is lovely. So is the view!

Tips: The best viewpoints of Bosa are right before entering the village (while coming from Alghero) and from the serpentines (as you leave for San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes).

One of the two viewpoints of Bosa, Sardinia


Keep an eye on the old tanneries along the River Temo as you drive around Bosa.


Soon into our drive, snow started to appear. I hadn’t seen so much white in Braşov, my hometown – and we have a winter sports resort 12 km away! At first, we thought that it was only a coincidence, but San Leonardo de Siete Fuentes was covered in snow (and we had summer tyres!). The children were happy (we guessed that it was such a bizarre weather event because the people we saw enjoying the white had improvised clothes).

Parco di San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes (which Marcel wanted to see) is one of those parks that look more like botanical gardens. This one’s splendid, full of fountains, ups and downs, and birds. We were happy to be there! We did laugh as we came for higher temperatures than home and found lower ones in the middle of the Mediterranean! 

The snowman we found in Parco di San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes, Sardinia


My cravings for something sweet took us to Santu Lussurgiu. We had come for tilicas and pardulas (typical Sardinian sweets) but left with many other new desserts from the exquisite pasticceria of Ardu Giuseppina & Antonella. The streets were so narrow and beautiful! Not even our small rental could fit them even though we could apparently reach our destination by car. Only in theory! We walked; it was pleasant in spite of the cold and the icy portions.

A cannolo siciliano; I couldn't resist! (Santu Lussurgiu, Sardinia)

Typical Sardinian sweets from Santu Lussurgiu


Soon, we’d enter a new province. More on that next time!

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