Back to the islands: Provincia di Sassari, still surprising

 It was written (somehow) to start and end both journeys to Sardinia in Provincia di Sassari, more exactly, in Alghero.

While I didn’t feel any real connection to this city (then and now), I had beautiful memories from neighbouring Fertilia, where I needed to stop and show Marcel around. We then drove to Tramariglio Beach, close to where I had my sea kayaking start/end point back in 2015. This time around, we sat watching the sea, bidding Sardinia farewell.

Spiaggia di Tramariglio, Sardinia

Spiaggia di Tramariglio, Sardinia


Now that I told you how it all ended, I should also explain what happened until it did.


Even in the rain, a great spot for flamingo-watching is Stagno di Olbia; for us, it was a wonderful pinkish surprise!

While in Olbia, head to I Nanetti Di Casula Domenica. The owner is a fantastic and kind woman! The food tastes homemade. I’ve had one of the best pizzas of my life here; the seadas are extraordinary!


One of the prettiest towns in Sardinia is Santa Teresa Gallura to me! It is very walkable, you can find shops (even souvenir shops!) and restaurants open off-season, too, and it is the starting point of your journey to Corsica.

Santa Teresa Gallura to Bonifacio, Sardinia


Another pretty town is the colourful Castelsardo. I had spotted it on the bus from Sassari to Santa Teresa Gallura 8 years before. Wishes come true, though, and I ended up walking around it. La Paninoteca „da Federigo” is a terrific place for dinner, home to the best crema catalana that I had ever eaten up to that point. I told Marcel: ’It is even tastier than mine’. J Remember that you get the best view of Castelsardo as you drive from Lu Bagnu.


Speaking of Lu Bagnu, it is a very peaceful and traditional village, where you can easily find accommodation if travelling in the area. I was also happy to find the wild strawberries that I loved on Vis Island.

A winter's morning with wild strawberries in Lu Bagnu, Sardinia


Will we return?

Of course!

My love story with Sardinia goes on. Happily, Marcel’s love story with Sardinia has also begun! ♥  

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