Highlights of my trips to Maramureş undisclosed so far

There are so many insights [in my opinion, at least!] that I’d like to gather in a single article for places explored more than once.

It means you started to know and perceive them differently – more like a local, less like a stranger.

One of them is Maramureş, my beloved Maramureş!

Easter time in Breb, Maramures, Romania

Can you believe that the oldest suggestions from this piece date to 2017 (when we even got the chance to travel to Ukraine and visit Mukhacevo)? Read on to see what I’ve come up with [I tried sorting everything by towns and/or subregions]!


Baia Sprie

Lacul Albastru or the Blue Lake is a beautiful turquoise lake (when we visited – namely, mid-April) at the end of a short but pleasant hike near Baia Sprie.

Lacul Albastru, Baia Sprie, Maramures

Baia Mare

For a delicious dessert and a refreshing lemonade, head to Trio. They have a great little terrace outdoors during summer.

Great Italian restaurant Cinquecento offers an impressive selection of food and drinks (gluten-free dishes, too), plus a shady terrace for lazy summer afternoons. The service is impeccable.

Lunch at Cinquecento, Baia Mare, Maramures

Only a 5-minute walk away, you’ll find Muzeul Satului or the Village Museum. Covering a huge area, it is dotted with old houses from Maramureş. Allow at least one hour and a half for exploration. Wear comfortable shoes.

Muzeul Satului, Baia Mare, Maramures

Reachable by local bus, Firiza Lake Resort is, first and foremost, a water sports centre. You receive a card upon check-in (and you keep it for access and discounts). The people working there are lovely, the views are magnificent, the rooms are cosy, and the breakfasts are delicious. You get to go on boat rides or kayak if the water level’s right. Did I mention the tasty dishes served by the resort’s restaurant?

Dinner at Adventure Lake Resort by Lake Firiza, Maramures, Romania

Intermezzo: Mukhacevo (Ukraine)

We did go; our day trip from Breb to Mukhacevo was terrific. It was the only time when Ukrainian border guards didn’t try to suggest bribing them would be in order.

The roads leading to Mukhacevo were beyond bad. On the other hand, once we got to our destination, Palanok Castle was worth the drive! Erected in the early Medieval period (allegedly, 10th century), the castle is located on a formerly volcanic hill.

I loved the locals selling handicrafts from the castle to downtown. You could buy gingerbread, handmade soaps, and even Easter ornaments (Easter Sunday was, after all, only a few hours away).

Some very kind locals (I would speak to many in Hungarian; the youngsters spoke English) suggested a good restaurant for late lunch/early dinner – Bograch. The food was tasty. Plus, I had the chance to drink a glass of Georgian Saperavi.

Having our meal at Bograch, Mukhacevo, Ukraine 

Maramureşul istoric or Historical Maramureş

Framed by the mountains, the oldest and most traditional part of Maramureş always gives me goose pimples when I visit. It’s that great, from nature to the people and their customs!


While Breb may not be my favourite village in Maramureş (it has become a tad commercial), a walk on its hills is splendid; I encourage you to enjoy one!

Walking with Wabi in Breb, Maramures, Romania

Poienile Izei is a village with a big heart, a curious setting, and beautiful surroundings.

Ieud will always be part of the places dearest to my soul discovered while travelling. I can’t keep away from its old church for too long.

Ieud joy, Maramures, Romania

Vişeu de Sus is a quintessence of the Maramureş landscape to me. If you stop in the area, there are several hill walks that you can enjoy. One of them is along Valea Vinului, over the river, up the road. You’ll find the old mineral springs as the final destination.  

Valea Vinului, Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania

If you need to relax after the hike, go for a soak at Mirage (outdoor pool with a beautiful backdrop in season; indoor centre for the rest of the year).

A swim with a beautiful backdrop at Mirage, Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania

For a quick (non-traditional) bite, there’s Thor – vegetarian dishes included –.

Dinner at Thor, Viseu de Sus, Maramures, Romania

And then, for those with a sweet tooth, Mignon will be waiting downtown Vişeu de Sus. The small terrace is the perfect excuse to have a cup of coffee or a lemonade and breathe in.

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