What did I miss (out on) in Cyprus?

I turned 30 in Cyprus. I scuba-dived for the first time that day and I celebrated with fantastic food.

The thing is… I’m born in winter. So, I wanted to feel the Cyprus summer sun on my skin, too, someday… The opportunity arose this year. Beginning of September – technically autumn in Romania but my-oh-my! the heat in Cyprus…


I missed…

The food

It’s in my all-time Top 10. We did return to taste it, discover it and rediscover it.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

We also found our desserts, sometimes with a view.

What do I love about Cypriot cuisine? The simple ingredients and dishes. The freshness of it all.


The history

The Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia was explored by us back then.

It was time for the Cyprus Railways Museum, located in Evrychou – the final station of the Cypriot railway that ceased to exist.

Evrychou, Cyprus

Set next to pomegranate trees and surrounded by pretty hills, this museum (also through the very kind gentleman who showed us around) has a magic of its own – and if you stand on its terrace, you understand everything.


The mountain villages

I am still thinking of Pano Lefkara. I remember that I left this village with a pair of silver earrings (locally handcrafted) in my hand and an unfulfilled wish to see the donkeys that had made the village so famous in my heart.   

Another mountain love had to follow. Defined by its doors and windows, Lania is mostly blue. You’ve got a map to easily navigate its streets and (maybe! J) search for its wells and springs.

Lania, Cyprus

Many stores are selling local products and many artists call this place home. Visiting them can turn out to be a cosy experience.


I missed out on…

The beaches

(the first time around)

But I did choose one per day with Marcel, this second time around.

Two of those we loved most are listed here – Governor’s Beach and Konnos Beach. They came with wows and sea turtles.

There were, of course, the rocky ones of Cape Greco, too, with the beautiful Ayioi Anargiroi Church, whose view oozed summer – and the sea cave below!

Cape Greco, Cyprus

And there was Nissi Beach, too – a bit commercial but sandy and lovely in the end. 


There are still so many pins on the map… Another trip, another season…

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