Moldova 2023 Project

Congaz, Moldova

Impromptuishly, we headed across the Prut River again! I’m gathering the feelings, joy, and suggestions here!


On the way there

Naturally, we stopped.

We visited friends

It was lovely and recharging to see Iza, Sebi, and Casi.  

Podul Înalt

According to mainstream history, Ştefan cel Mare [Stephen the Great] defeated the Turkish army here on 10.01.1475. The battle memorial is under construction, but we enjoyed the overall energy of the place and the fluffy dogs around.


Don’t forget

-        that Leuşeni-Albia, for instance, has joint customs as of 14.04.2023 (we experienced both the separate and the joint process)

-        to pay for the vignette  



It became my favourite village in Moldova. It has so much soul and I am happy that we chose to stay here for two nights.

Where to sleep?

At the B&B of lovely mother and daughter – Larisa and Mădălina – team, La Mădălina. Traditional, colourful, trailblazer.  


The old church in Selemet – one of the oldest in Moldova; it was magical, especially at Easter time

Easter in Selemet, Moldova

Beşalma Village, with its museum and old wooden mill

The wooden mill in Besalma, Moldova

Not to miss!

The food at La Mădălina, where a team of very talented women create wonders!

Simply delicious! (the food at La Madalina, Selemet, Moldova)

Gura Galbenei, where luthier Nicolae Dron and his sons make art. Marcel ordered a cobza.



One of the most beautiful views in Moldova was in Chişcăreni. In the rain. It will always stay in my heart.

A little over 1-week-old baby goat and his mom in Chiscareni, Moldova


Stephen’s Oak – a scenic area near Scoreni, with dense forest and a countryside feeling... plus a new cat friend

Our new cat friend around Stephen's Oak, Moldova

Divin – fine brandy made in Călăraşi; while you can’t tour the factory at the moment, the official store is a nice experience!

Not to miss!

The house of potter Zaharia Triboi and his wonderful wife Eugenia – you can buy rare black pottery in Cioreşti, as well as have pottery classes. You’ll love the jokes and wise words of your hosts.



My first time in Chişinău was back in 2012; my second – in 2019. Did it change? Yes, but its energy felt the same.

Where to sleep?

Our trip wasn’t supposed to include a stopover in Chişinău. Our plans changed, however, and we chose to sleep at Tulip Residence & Spa Hotel. The spa wasn’t working, but we loved the staff [they even made kind suggestions on where to have dessert], the welcome, and the location of the hotel.

Where to eat?

Korjik was nice for dinner – and you can also find vegetarian dishes.

Tucano was my first love in Chişinău. I am happy to have drinks or grab a bite at one of the cafés in the chain whenever I’m in the city. This time around, it was lunch at Tucano Brazil and it was splendid – from the dessert to the friendliness of the guy who took care of us. J  


I finally took my friend Eugenia’s advice and went to stroll around Valea Morilor; it was raining and cold, but it felt cosy, even though it’s a much larger version of Lake Noua, where I live. Marcel and I finally found the Little Prince, the smallest public statue in Moldova, had a hot beverage from Bonjour Café, and made a dog friend.

Marcel and our dog friend around Valea Morilor, Chisinau, Moldova

As we were set to see and paddle the Dniester River, we ended up driving to Vadul lui Vodă, a peaceful place with great river beaches. The rain came, but we’ll return.

The paddling duo (Petra & Marcel) at Vadul lui Voda, Moldova

Souvenirs, anyone?

I love local products. It’s how we encourage people to go on doing what they love, at home.

Sweets from Bucuria are simply joy – as the name goes. My favourite treats? Sufleu and Chişinăul de Seară with sour cherries.

Inside a Bucuria store in Chisinau, Moldova

The cosmetics from Viorica are fabulous! Yes, I can order them to Braşov, too, but I found many more products in Chişinău (and I knew about them!).

Not to miss!

Ceramica Triboi is a place full of tranquillity, colours, and creativity. Violetta and Adrian are delightful artists; we could have talked for hours. Their son Ştefan is very playful and cute and I’m sure that he’d follow in their footsteps.

If you have friends in Chişinău, take your time and visit them. I finally met Natalia face to face and was able to hug her.  



Far in the east, you’ll find hills and joy packaged in bottles. J

Where to sleep?

In a barrel, of course! It’s one of the few places in the world where you can do that.

Where to eat?

The winery’s restaurant offers exquisite food, both international and traditional.

Not to miss!

Take the tour and book it ahead. We chose the Classic package – and I fell in love with the sparkling wine.


Note: 1 night was spent in Tiraspol, but I wish to deal with it in a separate article because there are many things to say and the energy of that specific stay wouldn’t be in line with the energy of this article.


On the way back

We got accustomed to breaks. Even in the rain, we decided to stop in—


It is where the memorial house of Alexei Mateevici is situated. Its guided tour is a whirlwind of culture.


Coffeeroute581 serves some extraordinary coffees and hot chocolates. With a smile. And you need not take a detour.


This trip has a special place in my heart. I understood so many things! It was my favourite time over a river that doesn’t separate but unites.

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