Best savoury treats of our 2020 South American trip

I know, I know… we do eat a lot these days… under lockdown.
Still, some dishes don’t taste the same in our home countries because we lack the local ingredients to make them.
European influences can be felt throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil, but the way in which food turns traditional there is unique.
So, here are my favourite savoury meals of our 2020 South American trip (the sweet ones will follow in 2 weeks)—

Quattro formaggi artisan pasta
Where? Bento Gonçalves, Brazil -> Regina Massasecia
Why? Fresh meal, outdoor setting, the interactive (and yet simple) way of combining your dry (pasta) and wet (topping) ingredients. Their taste was unforgettable.
Quattro formaggi artisan pasta; Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Where? San Miguel, Argentina
Why? It’s what I’ve been eating every summer, in Romania, for lunch or dinner, ever since I was a child (luckily, Marcel is crazy about boiled corn, too!). The corn in Argentina came closest in taste to the one at home. Marcel went out to buy something to drink and came back with… a surprise.
Corn; San Miguel, Argentina

Nuria’s Fugazza
Where? San Miguel, Argentina -> in the house of our dear friends Allu, Nuria y Telemaco
Why? A pizza casera (homemade) never goes out of style. And this one had the perfectly-cooked onions (and Nuria taught me her trick!), covered by a lot of cheese! Yum!
Nuria’s Fugazza; San Miguel, Argentina

Pizza Fugazza
Where? Salta, Argentina -> La Verbena
Why? As a setting and vibe, this was my favourite restaurant of the entire trip. And the pizza was the same savoury treat with sweet onions. /daydreaming/
Pizza Fugazza; Salta, Argentina

Can’t-remember-its-name delight
Where? Futaleufú, Chile -> La Yunta
Why? We were so hungry after a day full of emotions and adventures! So, we settled for a vegetarian meal that we could share (because, yes, I’ve been a vegetarian practically my entire life!). We got a mix of fries, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and rosemary… Über-delicious! It was so huge… that, sadly, we could only eat half of it.
Can’t-remember-its-name delight; Futaleufú, Chile

Vegetarian pizza
Where? Futaleufú, Chile -> La Yunta
Why? This was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten. It was on a cool evening, on the terrace… and the pizza was so big, that I saved the last two slices for… breakfast. :D
Vegetarian pizza; Futaleufú, Chile

Where? Esquel, Argentina
Why? I’ve had my fair share of empanadas, but these were the best I’ve ever tasted. Marcel got them from a neighbourhood bakery while heading back to me from the pharmacy. 4 were with spinach and gorgonzola and 2 – with walnuts and provolone (if I remember well). 1 is missing because my man couldn’t wait and savoured one on the way.
Empanadas; Esquel, Argentina

Where? All across Argentina (this was actually bought in Puerto Madryn)
Why? I still remembered their taste from our first time in Argentina. The crunchiness and the cheesy taste are the perfect mix! Choose a panadería, step inside, and prepare to munch.
Chipas; Puerto Madryn, Argentina

The largest salad of my life
Where? Guarulhos, Brazil -> Macaxeira
Why? Well, when it was brought to our table, I found out that it was actually for 2. It was my first time tasting fresh cashew and the first time tasting it in a salad. Or a caipirinha, for that fact. Pieces of fresh mango, the typical rice and beans, plus cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, limes… one of the best salads of my life… quite balanced in taste!
Salad; Guarulhos, Brazil

Pão de queijo
Where? All across Brazil (these were our last pieces, at GRU)
Why? 9 years ago, we were told that its state of birth was Minas Gerais and we could mainly find it travelling there, but this time around, its ‘presence’ exploded. We bought it as a takeaway for our long bus rides in Southern Brazil.
Pão de queijo; GRU, Brazil

I promised myself to go back to South America when the crisis we’re all going through is over. I’ll have some more of all of the above.

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