Best desserts of our 2020 South American trip

To wrap things up with the ‘Best of our 2020 South American trip’ series (there were drinks and animals and savoury treats… and roads –in Romanian), here’s the sweetest post of the bunch.
Some of you may know that I am crazy in love with desserts and I started blogging about them at the end of last year… so, this is totally my scene!
Also, it’s May 1st – usually a time of celebration around the world. I wonder… which of these 15 sweet treats would you choose?
We’ve got…


Our first açaí
Where? Campeche, Florianópolis, Brazil -> Mini Kalzone
Why? We’ve had açaís before in Brazil, but the new ingredient we’ve tried in them – powdered milk – made our day. (The one in the picture is actually our last açaí, from Guarulhos; you can see the leite ninho; this one was also very tasty.)
Açaí in Campeche, Brazil

The breakfasts in ‘Small Italy’
Where? Bento Gonçalves, Brazil -> Sonho da Serra Pousada
Why? Every morning, we were spoiled. Grape juice, homemade cakes, and fruits… oh… you’ve not tried papaya until you’ve tried it in Brazil.  
Breakfast in Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Non-stop breakfast?
Where? Guarulhos, Brazil -> City Bread
Why? While it does serve lunch and dinner dishes, too, breakfast –in its non-classic meaning (cakes, buns, delicious fruit juices)- can be served there 24/7.
Breakfast in Guarulhos, Brazil


Guava lava cake
Where? Canela, Brazil -> Containner Bistrot
Why? This very innovative restaurant served quite the dessert: a guava lava cake. Very flavourful choice.   
Guava lava cake + ice cream in Canela, Brazil

Where? San Miguel, Argentina
Why? It’s not because it’s my close friend Nuria’s pastry business. It’s because she is very talented and her bakes are yum-yum-yum. Our main reason behind our return to Argentina was visiting our friends and during one evening, we simply enjoyed a talk on how she started to bake and she showed me her first cookbooks. ♥ Follow her for a ton of creativity.  
In San Miguel, Argentina, our friends' home

Wine sorbetto
Where? Cafayate, Argentina -> Heladeria Miranda
Why? Have you ever tried a wine sorbetto? The owner's husband started making them from Torrontés wine. One of the best desserts of my life!
Wine sorbetto in Cafayate, Argentina (I went to Cafayate only for this!)

Raspberry cake
Where? Futaleufú, Chile -> Café Mandala
Why? This cake, the overall vibe of the place, its owner, and the raspberry smoothies made me return the following day for more.
Raspberry cake and smoothies in Futaleufú, Chile

Welsh cakes
Where? Gaiman, Argentina -> Ty Te Caerdydd
Why? We went there to have tea, Welsh-style, and were very casually dressed, but changed our mind when we saw the full-menu price and the people inside. ‘Tortas?’ was the next question. The hostess seemed relieved, we bought half a kilo of cakes and they were… wow! Win-win!
Welsh tea house in Gaiman, Argentina (the cakes are in my hands)

Aaaah, the cupuaçu ice cream!
Where? Guarulhos, Brazil -> Macaxeira
Why? Cupuaçu (a cocoa relative) was on my must-try list. The ice cream was extraordinary in itself, cutely accompanied by a mix of nuts and seeds and a small bolo.
Cupuaçu ice cream + nuts and seeds + bolo in Guarulhos, Brazil

Turkish dessert
Where? Istanbul, Turkey -> T-café
Why? Back to amazing Turkish desserts (stopover). I struggled to find out this name’s dessert, and it turns out I’ll be cooking Supangle tomorrow. I can still recall its taste. Chocolate – pistachio – melting-in-the-mouth taste.
Supangle in Istanbul, Turkey

Argentinean desserts

Dulce de leche
Where? All across Argentina
Why? Dulce de leche is the base. The staple. The dream. It comes with everything and can go with everything. I am in love with dulce de leche!!
Breakfast with dulce de leche

Where? All across Argentina (just ask at stores)
Why? Our dear friends Nuria and Telemaco taught us how good these conitos filled with dulce de leche are! I got hooked.

Where? Salta, Argentina -> La Verbena
Why? Nuria would make and post her version of Rogel on Instagram and would drive me wild. So, I couldn’t leave Argentina without tasting any Rogel. … It lived up to my expectations.
Rogel in Salta, Argentina

Gas station dessert
Where? Salta, Argentina -> Gas station (I don’t remember its name or location, unfortunately)
Why? Argentinean desserts are so extraordinary that you can find a glorious one – this one was a combination of dark chocolate and dulce de leche [I’m drooling at this point] – even at a gas station.  
Dark chocolate and dulce de leche dessert in Salta, Argentina

Where? All across Argentina
Why? Do you know what alfajores are? They're cookie sandwiches mainly filled with dulce de leche. We had them in Uruguay and Chile... but our favourite alfajores were in Argentina.
Alfajores from Tilcara, Argentina

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