What was it like around the Karpaz Peninsula?

'My suggestion to you is to buy vegetables and go driving towards Apostolos Andreas Monastery. They will come to the car and you will be able to feed them.'

'The donkeys?'

'Yes' continued the cheerful Russian woman who had served us breakfast under the giant pepper tree. Her big eyes were sparkling and I was looking curiously at her, not knowing what the machine translator was going to tell us next. 'After the monastery, you can continue on that road. It'll take you at one rock. And there, Kipros: finish.'

The donkeys across the Karpaz Peninsula, Cyprus


I was looking at the landscape around me: it was the wildest I'd seen in Cyprus. The mix of green and dry didn't scream 'Europe' nor 'The Middle East'. But Africa. I couldn't imagine it ending all of a sudden.

What do you need around the Karpaz Peninsula?

A good base. Dipkarpaz is located at a fair distance from Kyrenia but close to the key points. You've got local stores for shopping, even some fancier restaurants around, but you still feel the remoteness.

Breakfast with the cats under the huge pepper tree; Dipkarpaz, Cyprus

What treats do the donkeys love?

We bought 1.5 kg of carrots and 1 kg of cucumbers. There were so many donkeys, all of them adorable! Some were shy but most of them put their heads into the car. Some even asked for an additional treat.

We regretted not buying more. But we were happy that we met them, caressed them, and fed them. They gave us so much positive energy in return!

Meeting the donkeys around the Karpaz Peninsula, Cyprus

How is the road to the End of Cyprus?

It's a dirt road, along glorious beaches. (I couldn't believe that the sea could have such a turquoise colour!)

I drove on it, too, and it wasn't too difficult; I did stop for the donkeys every time.
When you reach the end of the island, you can climb that last rock to enjoy the view.

The end of Cyprus

Can you see turtles along the Karpaz coast?

You can. There is a research centre, too, and you can read about it here (under no. 4).
On the other hand, you'll come across some of the widest and longest beaches in Cyprus. If you disregard the litter on the way to the sea, Golden Beach will surprise you.

The Golden Beach, Cyprus

Are there additional tips for a visit to the Karpaz Peninsula?

Visit Kantara Castle; the views are unforgettable.

Sample some of sweetest orange juices out there.

Spend quality time with the cats that you meet along the way. We fell for these two souls and enjoyed their company as much as we could.

Our beloved friends from Cyprus

I hope to return to the raw beauty of Karpaz someday. Meanwhile, I'll feed my heart with memories.

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