What did Tunisians turn into art?

You may not necessarily think of all the items listed from my perspective, but you may find it interesting.


Traditional accommodations

Some of the most beautiful and well-restored traditional accommodations I’ve seen throughout my travels are in Tunisia. I’d encourage everyone to stay in such a place rather than choosing a resort because supporting local businesses and culture is important in our too-globalised world.

Dar Hammamet Guest House & Hammam in Hammamet, Tunisia



In many shades, blue is no longer a Mediterranean/sea thing, but the contrasting colour of choice to the whitewashed coastal buildings. It is so vibrant that it gets under your skin while visiting Tunisia. You will associate it with Tunisia after your trip is over.

View over Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia



Tunisians took this dessert and levelled it up. I’ve had many astonishing fondants in Tunisia!

Fondant from Le Petit Fondant in Monastir, Tunisia



Most of the people we interacted with in Tunisia were present, their intentions were clear, and they were genuinely interested in making us feel welcome and talking to us without an agenda.



Most of the Tunisians enjoy life. They know how to cherish the simple things; this is the reason they smile a lot. In the (adapted) words of one of our kind waiters in Mahdia: ‘Tunisians can be the poorest; still, they will walk with their head high, with a positive attitude’.


Thé à la menthe

My Moroccan memories got heightened. Mint tea is not a beverage in Tunisia; it isn't a dessert either. It is an experience! Try it aux pignons (I savoured one in northwestern Tunisia).

Thé aux pignons served in Tabarka, Tunisia


Love for cats

Living with a large cat family means I notice cats all around me. In Tunisia, they helped and guided our steps, so we started ‘following the cats’. They were everywhere. Gladly, people are very fond of them. Sights of people eating with at least four cats around (and feeding them, too) are not uncommon.

The cats of the Hammamet Medina, Tunisia


I also felt joyful in Tunisia. 😊

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