Ways of discovering Gozo

You’ll probably set eyes upon the island from your ferry deck. In my case, it was dark and I could only see the lights in the harbour... however, a new day was only hours away. And with it came the light needed to be shed on our Gozo discovering plans:
On the back of a horse ­­– Tunisian purebred, of Lino's Stables in Xaghra; this is how we spent two and a half hours of our morning in the green yet dry valleys of Gozo. Charming ride, I must say, and very pleasant company, as Lino is one dedicated person, who loves what he’s doing and could explain and talk about horses incessantly.
Riding on Gozo, Malta
Grabbing a bite
Understanding its past – Forget the pyramids or the standing stones of the British Isles. Ġgantija Temple is older than them and does not only offer some seriously well-preserved walls of an over 5500 year-old structure, but also an impressive view. Of Victoria, Gozo’s capital.   
A snorkel in your mouth – It’s going to be rough climbing up and down those rocks to finally get to and into the water, but it’ll be worth it, as a dark blue abyss will open up once you put your mask on. Don’t forget to marvel at the Azure Window, especially at sunset.
The Azure Window; Gozo, Malta
Sea Kayak Malta made it impossible for us to kayak
When you’re up that ferry deck again looking back at Gozo and your ways of discovering the island, many more will pop into your mind: the short yet intense pool dip in one of the great and traditional Gozo houses, the occasional dark Maltese beer sipped in a central plaza, the crazy and irregular bus rides on those narrow Europeanised streets, a pistachio ice cream to melt your heart, and the constant reminder of a perpetual holiday state of mind, in that ubiquitous humid heat.       
End of snorkelling on Gozo, Malta
...so snorkel we did! [here: the AFTER picture]

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