Eco-friendly Lake Bunyonyi

I am a firm believer in protecting the environment, helping nature bear us for another century. Millennium. More?
Eco practices in places that I get to discover in my travels always get me hopeful, realising that if more people did even the small good things that others do, the entire vibe and future of the Planet would be put in a different perspective.
On this occasion, we stayed at Paradise Eco-Hub and had a lot of things to ponder about, faced with an owner with quite innovative ideas…
Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

You don’t need luxuries to bask in the view
The morning view of the 29 islands in Southern Uganda will be unforgettable. What do you actually need for a few hours of sleep and breakfast time? Cleanliness, a bed, a minimalist shower to feel fresh. And that’s about it. Feeling in tune with your surroundings is the most important thing.
Add to that the fact that there are possibilities to invest in a traditional way of living, specifically on Itambira Island. Would you chip in?
Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

You don’t need an engine to go on an adventure
One of the best guides I’ve ever had on water told my rafting team that every trip he takes down the river is an adventure. I still have his words carved into my mind. Indeed, you don’t know what is going to happen – so that’s the unknown, you don’t know what is going to wow you – and that’s the expectancy. There you go, the solid bases for adventure! Paddling in a traditional canoe on beautiful Lake Bunyonyi is an experience that will stay with you, a start to a new adventure.
You will realise that steering the boat is easier said than done, that paddling is both healthy for you and the environment, that you could give a lift to locals, and that you moving so gently means that the boundaries between you and nature would fade.
Canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

You don’t need expensive land for a Bellevue
Interestingly, some of the most underprivileged people in the world wake up to the best views. See Brazilian favelas. Or the Transylvanian villages deserted by the Saxons and currently inhabited by the Rroma.
Some of the villagers even built their houses not facing Lake Bunyonyi, which says that they don’t even realise the richness that abounds at their doorstep.
Yes, the community around Lake Bunyonyi is poor, but they are lucky to live in a flourishing area, be taught to recycle plastic bottles from the water, and earn from selling insights into their lifestyle to the curious travellers. Just don’t let it become too commercial. Balance is advisable in all aspects of life.      
Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

You don’t need expensive raw materials for unique handicrafts
OK, OK, there are people who prefer finer things. A diamond ring, a gold necklace, a silver bracelet. I go for handmade, local, materials that don’t harm anybody. Not the source, not the manufacturer, not the wearer.
The area around Lake Bunyonyi has some of the best handmade items I’ve come across in my travels; they are made of reed. Earrings, bags, baskets – have your pick. 
Handicrafts @Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

You don’t need fine dining for deliciousness
Using local ingredients provides not only a cost-effective and fresh experience, but also an authentic one. In the end, these are the moments that you remember years after.
Do you really need more than one course – one of the best of your trip – and a glass of fresh juice? :D I thought so.   
Fresh juice for lunch; Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

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