The last trip’s wows

Contrary to what you may think, my last trip was not particularly amongst the best of my life. I am happy, though, that I returned home richer (met a few wonderful people, mostly travellers, and gained some precious travelling experience) and wiser. There were, however, some moments that took my breath away and I’d like to write a few lines on them.

Seeing ibexes in southern Israel
Do you know that the official mascot of all national parks in Israel is an ibex? I’ve wished so much to get to see them, I’ve heard that they could also be found in Jordan’s desert area, but my lucky time was around 6:30am, some kilometres north of Eilat, when these two wonders in the picture crossed the main road. The next thing I know, I had tears of joy running down my face.
Ibexes near Eilat, Israel

Snorkelling, @Coral Beach Reserve (Eilat, Israel)
My first dive in Cyprus in 2012 has been my best dive for three years, with the light, the magic of the underwater world, and my first octopus still weighing heavily in my heart. But the Red Sea is something else, it’s a gigantesque-size aquarium with coral that opens up like a labyrinth, rendering images that you’re not likely to forget soon. What about fish? Well, not one! Tens of them, in all colours and sizes imaginable, some of the more courageous ones simply swimming next to you.     
Coral Beach Reserve; Eilat, Israel

Perfect orange sunset in northern Jordan
Crossing the border back into Jordan from the north gave me the chance to be introduced to this less-explored part of the country, which is indeed stunning and wild. Packed in orange clouds and under an incredible light, it was truly unforgettable.
Sunset over As-Salt, Jordan

Landscape around Shoubak Castle, Jordan
When I saw the ecruesque shapes, rounded and callow –my weakness! before the impressive medieval castle, perched on a majestic cliff, I was hooked.  Shoubak Castle, Jordan
Horseback riding in northern Israel
From a person who’s at least tried to ride horses all over the world, because well, she loves them a lot, riding in Israel came as a surprise. A very pleasant one! The rocky and winding landscape, the view over the Sea of Galilee, and the very well-cared for and trained animals gave off a good and happy vibe. 
Riding at the Sea of Galilee, Israel

Crazy and bumpy jeep ride to our Bedouin Camp, close to sunset (Wadi Rum, Jordan)
Wadi Rum is indeed something! However, my most memorable moments were rolling in a jeep at very high speed (on a ride that should’ve taken 30 minutes, but instead took 10, go figure), indulging in the first signs of a very red sunset.
Wadi Rum, Jordan

Of course, there would be Amman and Eilat to be added, as wow-cities [I still can’t decide which is my favourite of the 2], my first kunafeh in Jordan as one of my all-time favourite sweets, and all the vegan and vegetarian dishes that I’ve tried out in Israel.   
It does seem that even the least successful travels do tend to have some pretty surprising highs, huh?   

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