Best Rafting Team 2015

It is the end of a year that has been full and intense.
It is the end of a busy month during which you’ve probably all seen less of me than usual. I didn’t even have time to send the Christmas cards. Not just yet.
It is time to rejoice over the finer things in our lives!
Somewhere between Berat and Përmet, Albania
When I’ve heard the news about our rafting team winning the prize awarded by Albania Rafting Group, it was more than a great honour and an important milestone of the love story between water and I, it was like a sign.
The Albanian Riviera
The granting of a wish I had during those summer nights spent in the most extraordinary of the countries I’ve ever been to. [I still find myself dreaming of those wild cliffs, the mind-blowing abyss, and the fine grains of sand against the shimmering sea... the rocks guiding those unforgettable rivers downstream into a countryside that has the power to surprise you each and every time... while the connection to the people is a never-ending source of primal kindness, uncontested hospitality, and the greatest sense of family.]
Best Rafting Team 2015
In a world full of lies, deceit, greed, and charlatanism, meeting people who feel the same yet are 1200 km away from you... feeling so much fun and so much joy in such a short time... and getting all of those reconfirmed half a year later... can make even the most sceptical person believe in true friendship and love... again!

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