Croatia Island Hopping: Korčula

I had heard about Korčula Island from my dearest Pauli. At first glimpse, it gets pretty hot on the island during summer. Could September be a good month?

Our morning clearly said ’No’ as it started raining in our base town of Neum. We had bought our ferry tickets to Korčula a couple of days before, as we decided to travel there as foot passengers, but we were not sure we’d make the trip.


From where to go

When we reached Orebić, the sun was so hot that I took my rain jacket off. With a short ferry trip to Korčula (around 20 minutes, maybe less), this is a great hub. If you are not taking your car along (of course, you could, but we decided to focus on Korčula Old Town this time around), there are parking meters in the port parking.

View over Orebić and Korčula, Croatia  

Reaching Korčula Old Town

There are shared taxis, taxis, and even water taxis, but they charge very high rates. So, like many other travellers, we chose to walk. There’s a 35-minute walk into town. It is a very pleasant one (even in high heat), as it passes many scenic spots. 

Walking to Korčula Old Town, Croatia


My highlights in Korčula Old Town

I can’t remember the store’s name, but it’s on your right, as you enter Korčula Old Town when coming from the ferry port. It sells fantastic T-shirts with a local design.

Cute T-shirt store in Korčula Old Town, Croatia

Cakes are tasty, but the gelatos and sorbettos at Glacier "Kiwii" are delicious (my favourite was the mango sorbetto)!

To the right of the sweet shop, there is a small but cute art gallery run by Igor; he makes jewellery and decorations from olive wood. We had a very interesting talk and stayed friends!

With Igor in Korčula Old Town, Croatia

You’ll have to ask the locals because its location changed, but you’ll find a small and lovely Borovo shop in Korčula Old Town! I was happy to find a beautiful pair of shoes on sale (and Marcel offered to buy them for me ♥).

A walk through the lacy town can never be a bad idea, especially as you can find interesting items to take home as gifts. 



I didn’t know what to expect but was so pleasantly surprised!

The people met here were some of the friendliest in Croatia; the entire Old Town has a bright and light energy.

I would love to return and explore some more!

P.S. We beat the GPS by 10 minutes when Marcel decided to catch an earlier ferry and get to a certain beach. I was very proud of myself.   

Korčula Old Town from the ferry, Croatia

Where next?

We saw Drače as we drove to Orebić and decided we’d return. As it was not our first time doing this last year, we did and had a wonderful swim at Plaža Drače, which became one of my favourite beaches in Croatia! 

Plaža Drače, Croatia

The landscape wows you, it is unpretentious, and has that Pelješac Peninsula laidback vibe (which I love!). Moreover, Marcel spotted SUTVID, where he had his fill of seafood.

@SUTVID, Drače, Croatia

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