Our reunion in Argentina after 9 years

The story goes like this: when we were travelling around Argentina’s Misiones Province, we happened to stay at the same B&B in Puerto Iguazú with a lovely couple – Nuria and Telemaco – from the country that we already loved very much.
We ended up having breakfasts, drinking mates (this is how I got hooked on mate!), travelling together, going out together in the evenings… and the sweetest thing was that, although they were on the road, too, they helped us a lot, they drove us around, they took us to places to settle our issues (like buying bus tickets, for instance).
A boliche night with our friends in San Miguel, Argentina
Something was there! And we did stay in touch. For 9 years. They became parents to adorable Allu. And we discovered even more things in common. We wanted to see each other again, but we were mainly in Europe and they were far across the ocean.
At one point, Nuria got very blunt and told me that we should set a date. I said ‘Enero 2020’ [January 2020], then I won a travel scholarship and found some incredibly-low-priced plane tickets to Guarulhos, Brazil. We figured we’d make our way south from there, through Uruguay.
On the deck of the ferry taking us from Colonia del Sacramento to Buenos Aires, I felt nervous, anxious, and very emotional! I couldn’t wait to see Nuria and Telemaco and meet Allegra.
On the ferry from Colonia to Buenos Aires
We laughed a lot, as they were waiting for us at a different ferry terminal and I barely found working wifi to contact them and let them know where we were. Good people and true friends get things going for them, always!

So, thank you from our hearts for the times you cooked for us or we cooked together, for those hearty lunches and those late dinners… for sharing your traditions with us… for going shopping with us… for showing us around…
I’ll never forget that bright day in Nordelta or the beautiful evening spent picnicking with wild parrots, by the coolness of the river.
Artisan popsicles in Nordelta, Argentina

Palo Borracho in Tigre, Argentina

Friends by the water

Crazy water traffic in Tigre
After returning from the boliche, I felt like a teen, like going clubbing in my high school years, I felt happy.
We didn’t get to sleep much during our time together, but I loved it! Buenos Aires delighted us; Marcel and I adored Recoleta Craft Fair and the overall vibe of the neighbourhood! San Telmo was full of colours and Palermo felt green.
Recoleta Craft Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Thank you for always texting and making sure that we were alright while we were not by your side!
Thank you for picking us up from the airport when we were tired!
Thank you for staying up until the early hours – although you had to work in the morning – to make our last night in Argentina (spent with you around Puerto Madero) so special!

Ours is a happy story, showing that friends who are true stay in each other’s lives.
Time. Distance. They no longer matter. They never did.

The coincidence is that today is Telemaco’s birthday!

Feliz cumple! Los extrañamos mucho y los queremos mucho!
Nos vemos pronto.

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