What to be grateful for? 5 reasons from our trip to Croatia

 It’s Christmas. And it’s so much more than Santa Claus.

I perceive it as a holiday of giving and hope because the greatest empath of our world was born to make us remember to feel and stop this wild race that we call life… rebecome human. Pretty much like today.


Looking back, simply getting away from too many abusive restrictions and flying to Croatia at the beginning of October would be something to be grateful for.


Zadar’s Sea Organ made us slow down, listen to the sound of nature, and simply relax. There was a bit of wind – which helped the waves sing –, but there was also sun… a perfect seaside morning!

Zadar - by the sea organ, Croatia

Part of my wild swimming challenge – and my passion and love for water – came with not one but three dips in the sea! /don’t be fooled, even the Adriatic can be cold in October… but I loved it!/

The first swim was near a pine tree forest in Tisno; the second – in Šibenik, Banj Beach, with spectacular views of the Old Town; and the third – on Vis Island, Stiniva Beach.

Tisno, Croatia

Šibenik, Croatia

Stiniva Beach, Vis Island, Croatia


We felt at ease, so we experienced life on the road as the locals would. We went to the market in the morning, bought pastries and bread from bakeries, prepared our breakfasts and enjoyed most of them outside. Tisno and Vis are my favourite memories of this kind, as we could also spot the sea from our balconies.

Breakfast in Tisno, Croatia


Speaking of meals, we needed a hearty one on a low day, simply to lift our spirits, and we found it. I still remember the flavours of homemade cooking of the best restaurant meal that we’ve had in Croatia; it was in Split. Great vibes and welcome, traditional dishes made from quality ingredients – and our day did get better after our lunch!

Best restaurant meal in Croatia - Split


And then, there is one of the greatest gifts of life: friendship. I still believe in friendship. There are those friends who stay by your side, true-heartedly, join you for a walk and a crempita on a rainy day in Samobor and then you join them for a delicious lunch in Zagreb and another rainy but cheerful walk around town, sharing experiences and memories!

Thank you, our dear Pauli and Maya! You made our trip brighter! ♥

With Pauli in Samobor, Croatia

With Pauli & Maya in Zagreb, Croatia


Nations are different. People are different. Some are colder, others are more joyful. The beautiful story begins when we accept our differences and start building from them without ever trying to homogenise them.

Merry Christmas! ♥ 

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