Fall in Valea Drăganului

The Apuseni Mountains seen from Rogojel, Romania

These are last year’s fall memories, but you know by now that my year was crazy and difficult. It passed. The good times endured.

So, here they are, shared with you in early winter (so, it still counts!)


It also counts that Marcel wanted to return to Valea Drăganului (first explored in June 2020) because he loved it so much!

Wish granted. 


On the way there

I’ve always wanted to railcycle. After keeping in touch with the kind gentleman who manages it, I surprised Marcel. The start point is Cornăţel, while the end point is Hosman. We arrived late and couldn’t complete the entire route (14 km there and back), only half. We’ll be back for more!

For a delicious burger, stop at Unic Burger in Sebeş. It’s a local business run with passion. Vegetarians will be happy, too.      

The French fries at Unic Burger, Sebes, Romania

Where to sleep?

The best parts about Montana 219 (RON 300/night, breakfast included) are the kind people welcoming you and the heated jacuzzi. An evening soak is always a good idea.


Where to eat?

Restaurant pescăresc ‘La Marin’ serves tasty trout for fish lovers and delicious salads for vegetarians. Plus, their apple pie is exquisite. It’s where we passed – after a huge storm – from Indian summer to fall proper. 

The apple pie at 'La Marin', Valea Draganului, Romania


I have been an ovolactovegetarian since I was 3, but Marcel is a meat lover, especially a fish lover. You can buy trout (and prepare your meal yourself) from Păstrăvăria Bologa.

Crossing the bridge to Pastravaria Bologa, Romania

Around –      

Who knew there was a sequoia in Rogojel? You can hike to it or drive and then walk. Either way, it is imposing and bewildering. And so is the view – a quintessence of the Apuseni Mountains.

Around Rogojel, Romania

The sequoia in Rogojel, Romania

The sequoia in Rogojel, Romania


Bologa Water Mill is a good example of how rural Romanians used to manage. By using the force of water, cereals could be milled and clothes and carpets could be washed. The lady running the museum didn’t change a thing. We shared a special moment while Marcel and I were there because we also share a love for cats.

Bologa Fortress, first mentioned at the beginning of the 14th century, is another stop to consider. As you climb into the keep, a typical Apuseni view will open up and make you smile.   

The view from Bologa Fortress, Romania

Bologa Fortress, Romania

Not to miss

We headed there first and foremost to kayak the Drăgan-Floroiu reservoir. The whole area is one of the wildest in Romania. How to get to the water? From Valea Drăganului, drive towards Lunca Vişagului and then take the rather bad road (reception might be lost). Right before reaching the bellevue point, you will see a smaller road to your right. Take it and drive to the western end of the reservoir. You will see glimpses of the lake and a path through the forest to your left. We descended with our kayaks and launched. We were lucky to enjoy two days of Indian summer during this trip and this was our view.

Kayaking the Dragan-Floroiu Reservoir, Romania

Overrated –

Marcel didn’t feel too well – he had had the same symptoms after the passing of our beloved cat Peticel –, so we started our drive to Braşov. Still, we wished to enjoy more sunshine, so we took a short detour to Aghireşu and its Blue Lagoon (Laguna Albastră). You can park your car and continue on foot from a certain point. To me, it felt overrated. People were swimming, but it didn’t seem that inviting to me. High expectations? Probably.

Around Laguna Albastra, Romania

It was still my name day when we arrived in Braşov, so the best gift was enjoying cake with my dear ones, a hug from them, and a fluffy hug from Kara and Linu.

They were so small last year! ♥ Too cute to be real.  
Family time ♥ in Brasov, Romania

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