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Update to this article, 3 and 1/2 months later:
As expected, the pandemic brought out the worst in most of the people. This is what I see and feel - empathy has become rare. :-( It's not an excuse, but it was mainly caused by fear. People who were scared of different other things before the pandemic tend to be more terrified now, easier to gaslight, and ultimately easier to control.
I've completed the rollercoaster ride/brainwashing period, too. I've had my time of fear and uncertainty, but I am now back to where I stood in the beginning (so stage 3, I guess). I am not saying my solution is better than your playin'-it-safe approach, I am only saying that it applies better in my case and that it feels that I am taking a bit of freedom back. With all the censorship around on social media -worrying, I'd add-, I needed it.
I am also not saying that we should believe everything that's stated or published, but that we should be able to think on our own and decide. These questions and facts may be of help:

  • 1) Why is wearing masks mandatory? As I've understood, we are talking about particles so small that they can easily pass through. Plus, breathing in those amounts of CO2 is not healthy at all. For those convinced that the pandemic did good in reducing pollution, what are your thoughts on the dumping of the used masks into the world's oceans? Why are we only taking care of our health, but not of our home’s?
    Punta Loma, Puerto Madryn, Argentina | January 2020
  • 2) Why are we told to stay at home? Why are we told to keep away from friends and family, even after 3 months (I knew that it was not going to be 'only 14 days’; didn't you?)? We did trust them before the pandemic, right? And there were viruses around back then, as well. In line with the theme of the article specified above, one clever move of the narcissists is alienating you from everyone dear to you, because you are an easier target. Easier to manipulate.
  • 3) Why are we not allowed to exercise, to go to the beach, paddle down a river, hike a mountain? Not only do we lose our shape, but it's depression that starts creeping in when we are no longer doing the things that we love. I went kayaking in a remote part of my country last week. How many people did I get into close contact with (even if I craved contact)? ZERO. Vitamin D helps and we get it from the sun. I returned a new woman from that trip. Staying in nature helps. I had developed Restless Leg Syndrome and couldn't sleep because of staying indoors and not moving too much. Until a few days ago, I needed to take Magnesium every night to be able to calm my body down and get some solid sleep.
    Pardina, Danube Delta, Romania | June 2020
  • 4) Why are we not encouraged to travel anymore or why are our travels limited? One of the greatest benefits of travelling is that it opens you up, makes you see things more clearly, and leaves you with your own conclusions. It is a dangerous asset to have in this new world. Not to mention the people actually stuck abroad, losing a lot of money and time, not being able to return to their base.  
    Bento Gonçalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil | January 2020
  • 5) Why has going to work become such a big issue? As our society goes, we have to earn money to survive. If your business is shut, you'll still have bills to pay, you'll still need to buy food, pay employees and/or rent (if applicable). 
  • 6) Why have schools closed? Although I am a big fan of studying online (and did study History online for 3 years), it was at a postgraduate level. We are social beings. How could you expect a child to understand that he or she can't talk to the child he/she used to be friends with? How could you expect a child to stand still for hours, locked inside the house? The minds of our future generations might be messed with. We are talking about lockdowns that have still not been lifted in some countries – that’s around 90 (!!) days – Argentina, for instance. Go figure.
  • 7) Why are other medical disorders not treated? Or surgeries postponed? So that more people could die? We are bombarded with 'Please do this... and that... for the sake of others'. Isn't this manipulation, when the authorities are not lifting a finger if something happens to you and it’s not connected with the virus? (I have heard the story of a relative of a close friend in my country, I’m not making up stuff, and it’s the European Union.)
As you can see, all these are my thoughts and feelings. I just wish we were left to live our lives and try to be happy. It’s not like it was easy before the pandemic, anyway.

What are the consequences?
Let’s do the math (I’ll deal with each bullet separately):

New disorders may develop
Isolation, end of relationships, losing the sense of belonging, divide et impera (used since ancient times in war strategies) or friends going against friends/taking opposite sides in the whole story – which shouldn’t exist, but they do
Various disorders caused by the lack of activity, stress, depression
Breaking our spirit, acute sense of loss of freedom
…leading to severe stress, severe psychological disorders, hopelessness, desperation, rise in poverty and crime, and even thoughts of suicide
A turn in the normal development of children, which could lead to severe physical and psychological effects during adulthood
Serious development of the initial disease, possible death

It seems to me that for a while now, several countries have tried to start a war (see Syria, Venezuela, Iran-USA tensions). Some countries were wise to resist (Iran), others gave in. However, we haven’t had anything to go global. Until now.

I keep telling my boyfriend that a war would have been easier. At least, you would know what you’re fighting. (Only in an extreme situation, where this pandemic and war would be the only choices – normally, I’m 100% for peace.) And then, there’s the ‘a-ha’ moment: we are going through a war as we speak.

I’m a very strong person; still, it was hard for me, too, during these months. It’s like a bad movie that we were cast in against our will. And I have this weird feeling that doctors, researchers, journalists, heads of state were either paid into this or are too self-absorbed to at least be open to listen to a different opinion than their own.
Salinas Grandes, Argentina | January 2020
It’s sad to see intelligent people being controlled and bowing without a fight. Is it not a mix of Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and John le Carré’s ‘The Constant Gardener’?

All these can come to an end if courageous persons stood up and told the truth.

What would anybody have to gain from this? (you could ask)
For starters, apart from money and control, narcissists take much of their joy from seeing the misery and struggle in other people’s lives. They can never be happy, so they push the limits of what’s ethical. A puppet theatre play. A global reality show. An escape room game. Now, you do the math.

Conceived as a special blog post – not included in the weekly newsletter nor shared on social media – cathartic.

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